The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 21

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 21

Inside the car…

Nolan looked out of the car window absently, as if he was still pondering about what Maisie had said. Lost in his train of thoughts, he did not hear Quincy calling out to him repeatedly.

“Sir.” Quincy raised his voice.

Finally, Nolan came back to his senses and rubbed his forehead. “What is it?”

Quincy held up the phone to him. “You have a call from your father, Mr. Goldmann.”

Nolan took the phone from his hands and answered, “Dad.”

On the other side of the line, at the Goldmann family estate…

“You little rascal, did you go and knock someone’s daughter up?”

Nolan’s father sat in his backyard sipping scotch. The photo displayed on his tablet showed two kids with an uncanny resemblance to his own son.

Nolan paused and furrowed his brows. “Not that I know of.”

Are you sure? Then how do you explain these two kids Royal Crown Entertainment Co. signed? They look just like you.”

The old man slammed his glass on the table. “I want to see these two children.”

“Dad, I haven’t slept with any women at all. These kids can’t possibly be related to me.”

Though he may once, Willow had been by his side for the past six years, and she was never

with child.

“Related or not, that shan’t concern you. I’ve already sent someone over to Royal Crown to have them picked up. You can do whatever you want.” The old man hung up.

Nolan looked up with a frown. “Drive us to the Goldmann estate.”

The car headed toward the countryside. Along the road, the scenery was serene.

Daisie leaned against the car window, taking in the scenery of the mountains and forest outside. In complete awe, she exclaimed, “All those mountains and rivers! It’s simply gorgeous!”

Waylon glanced at the bodyguard dressed in black sitting beside him and asked, “Who is asking to meet us?”

The gentle-looking old man in the driver’s seat turned around and smiled. “It’s the owner of the manor. You’ll know when you get there. Don’t worry, he’s not a bad guy.” “Mister, why do you all live in the mountains?” Daisie wondered with blinking eyes.

Taken by surprise, the old man hesitated, then answered with a smile, “The place where we live is actually called a paradise. It’s not exactly in the mountains or woods.

The Goldmann family estate was built on rich land surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Eventually, the car arrived in a quaint town. Daisie’s tiny mouth hung open, stunned by the sight of the beautiful houses. She had never seen anything quite like that.

After another stretch of road, the car finally stopped outside of a majestic mansion.

The old man got out of the car and opened the door to the backseat. The two little children stepped out of the car and gazed up at the beautiful mansion, their hearts filled with novel curiosity.

There were stone pavings on the ground at the entrance, green ivy climbing the red-brick walls, and a marble fountain splashing water high above the sky.

Lush verdant gardens lay sprawling on both sides of the stone-paved path. To the left was a perfectly landscaped medley of flowers, and to the right, amidst the greenery, a charming stone bridge hung over a crystal clear lake. At the end of the bridge stood a white pavilion.

The old man led the two children onto the bridge and made their way to the pavilion. “Sir, I‘ve brought the two children here to see you.”

Nolan’s father turned to face the children standing in front of the butler. With a flicker of surprise in his eyes, he then smiled and waved at them. “Sweet children, come to Grandpa.”

Waylon and Daisie exchanged a quick glance and walked toward the old man.

Nolan’s father studied the two children’s faces. He focused his attention on the boy’s features and asked with a smile, “What is your name, boy?”

“Waylon Vanderbilt,” Waylon answered obediently.

Nolan’s father nodded in response and looked over at the little girl. “And what about you?”

“Grandpa, my name is Daisie Vanderbilt!” Daisie blinked. It was as if there was a brilliant galaxy of stars hidden in her eyes.

Nolan’s father chuckled with joy and ushered the children to sit next to him.


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