The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 25

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 25

Sergio smiled and nodded. “That is correct. Knowing that Miss Vanderbilt had returned to Vaenna Jewelry, I was hoping for a chance to collaborate, with you, specifically.”

Willow sneered mockingly. Sergio Baldwin was 49 years old and turning 50. The son he had with his ex-wife had only just turned 18. Rumour had it that he never learned to keep it in his pants and had one too many women on the side. Eventually, his ex-wife had snapped and asked for a divorce.

On Sergio had met Maisie during Stephen’s birthday banquet a few years back, and since then, h e could not get her off of his mind. He would even ask Willow about her every now then. Because of that, Willow had Maisie drugged the last time just to give Mr. Baldwin a chance to bag her. It was a pity he had let that opportunity slide.

“Because of me?” Maisie chortled. “Mr. Baldwin, hearing you say that flatters me.”

“Zee, Mr. Baldwin admires your talent,” explained Willow while she poured Mr. Baldwin a glass of wine and handed it to him. “Mr. Baldwin, for your generosity of providing Vaenna an advertising platform and investing in the company, as the director of Vaenna, I would like to give a toast to you.” 1

“Well, when you put it like that, cheers!” Mr. Baldwin was feeling festive. He chugged down the entire glass of wine in one breathe.

Willow looked at Maisie. “Zee, I know you don’t drink, so I ordered a juice for you instead.” Holding up the two glasses of juice, she handed the one on her right to Maisie.

Mr. Baldwin had prepared the juice and had specifically told her that the glass on the left was “clean”. Maisie took the juice from Willow‘s hand and lifted the glass against her lips, gently tilting it downward. But before the juice touched her lips, a wave of nausea suddenly hit her, and she gagged. Sergio and Willow were stunned by her sudden reaction.

Maisie patted her chest and placed the juice back down, then she smiled and said, “Sorry about that, I haven’t eaten anything yet. My tummy is acting up. Do you mind if we have something to nibble on?”

Sergio was taken aback for a moment, then nodded understandingly. “Yes, of course. Willow, g o get the waiter.”

Willow felt irritated for being bossed around, but she held it in. Obediently, she went to call the waiter.

Maisie turned her gaze to Sergio. “Mr. Baldwin, could you pick a song for me? How about’ Sweet Dreams’.”

“Sure, as you wish.”

After all, the little lamb was already in the lion’s den. There was no way she could escape. As Mr. Baldwin got up and walked toward the karaoke machine, Maisie quickly swapped her juice with Willow’s.

A second after she swapped drinks, Willow walked in

When Willow saw Maisie sipping on the juice, her eyes lit with triumph

“Zee, I ordered some food for you. Why don’t you drink the juice after you’ve eaten? After all, a chilled drink on an empty stomach is bad for you.” Maisie smiled and put her glass down. “Sure.”

Half an hour later, their glasses were empty, and most of the food had already been eaten

Just then, Maisie’s phone suddenly rang. She stood with her phone in her hand ‘Excuse me, I have to take this outside. I’ll be right back.”

Willow watched Maisie walk off and stood up to follow her. However, Sergio pulled her back down. “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I can’t let her get away.”

“She drank the juice. Where could she possibly run off to? Besides, even if she does leave, III still have you, won‘t I?” Sergio Baldwin looked at her and let out a sinister cackle

Having finished her own glass of juice, the dumbfounded Willow turned her head around” You… What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Do you think I‘m an idiot? Obviously, I spiked both drinks. Just in case she runs, I’ll have you to make up for it.” Sergio pulled her into his arms.

Willow struggled with all her might. “Don‘t you know that I’m with Nolan Goldmann!”

“So what? Nolan is never going to marry a b*stard daughter like you. Besides, it’s not like weve never slept together before. When you came to me asking for money back then, didn’t you spend the night with me?”


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