The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 37

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 37

The benefits that could bring to Vaenna were obvious.

“Zee, Taylor Jewelry has tough requirements. They wouldn’t be interested in any jewelry company. Why would they agree to work with Vaenna?”

Maisie smiled. “Don’t worry about that. I have a plan…”

Leila walked into the company with her branded bag like an upper-class lady. All the employees knew that she was Willow’s mother, so they called her “Mrs. Chairman”.

However, just when she was happily going to meet Willow to find out if her plan for the other night had worked out, she saw Maisie and a blond man getting off the elevator while enjoying

a conversation.

Her gaze turned fierce. “Oh, you’re bringing men you seduce all the way to the office now?”

Kennedy’s face dropped. When he tried to say something, Maisie held up a hand to stop him. She smiled at Leila and said, “How would I be better than you when it comes to seducing men?”

“How dare you talk back!?” Leila angrily raised her hand,


The slap rang through the walkway. Maisie’s face was slightly turned, a red mark appearing. Before Kennedy could react, Maisie’s quick hand landed on Leila’s face. The slap made her fall to the floor.

Leila held her face that was in pain, while looking shocked.

The burn on Maisie’s palm could show how much strength she had put into it.

Remembering the red print on Daisie’s face and looking at Leila’s face at that moment, she believed she had avenged Daisie.

“How… how dare you hit me!”

“I don’t like to be on the losing end. You slapped me first. The slap was just a return.” Maisie’s smile was cold.

Just when she was leaving with Kennedy, she saw Nolan and Willow walking over. 1

Seeing that her mother was on the floor, Willow worriedly helped her up. “What happened, Mom?”

Leila kept saying how much it hurt. When Willow saw the palm print on her face, she

immediately walked to Maisie and questioned her. “Zee, how could you slap my mom? Even… even if you don’t like her, you can’t just hit people.”

“Ms. Vanderbilt, you should check the surveillance footage before saying that.” Maisie pointed at the cameras outside the elevators that were pointed at them. When Leila saw the cameras, her face changed. Willow looked at her mother. That wasn’t good. Her mother must have said something which made Maisie slap her, and it was right under the cameras.

“But… even if my mom said something terrible, you can’t just assault someone.”

“You’ve made up your mind that I started it before even checking the footageAre you blindly helping your mom instead of looking at the evidence?”

Maisie smiled and looked at Nolan, who was expressionless. “Does Mr. Goldmann think we

should check the surveillance footage?”

Willow and Leila were in trouble.

Nolan noticed that there was still a mark on her face. His eyes turned dark, and he said,” There’s no need for that.”

He was able to guess what had happened without having to check.

Maisie shrugged and turned to Kennedy. “Uncle Kennedy, let’s go. We shouldn’t let our clients wait.”

Kennedy nodded.

Willow stopped her. “Zee, which client are you meeting?”

As if she was trying to put up a good performance in front of Nolan, she walked toward Maisie with a smile, “Why not let me talk to the clients? I want to learn from you.”


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