The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 38

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 38

Maisie turned around and looked at her. “Are you sure?”

If she went to meet Taylor Jewelry by herself, there might still be a little hope, but if Willow went, she probably wouldn’t even get to meet them.

Willow smiled. “I can’t let you do everything while I do nothing.”

Maisie sniggered in her heart. Her “hunger for knowledge” was so strong just because she wanted to be on Nolan’s good side.


“Zee…” Kennedy wanted to say something, but Maisie had already handed the agreement to her. “That’s the partnership proposal with Taylor Jewelry. Thank you for doing this.”

Nolan frowned, and his lips turned into a thin line.

Willow was happy that Maisie was really willing to give her agreement to her. If she could close the deal, Nolan would look at her in a different light.

If this woman was going to pass on the opportunity, she couldn’t blame her.

Maisie walked back to her office alone. A deep voice came from behind her. “You knew that she wasn’t going to close the deal with Taylor Jewelry. Why did you agree to let her go?”

Maisie stopped in her tracks, turned around to look at Nolan, smiled, and said, “You were there too. Didn’t you hear that she wanted to go? I didn’t force her.”

Nolan’s eyes darkened. He went up to her and held her wrist. “You can stop pretending.”

“You’re feeling bad for her just for a small matter?”

Maisie struggled a little but didn’t manage to shake him off. She bit her teeth and said, “Mr. Goldmann, since you’re feeling bad and know that she’s walking into a dead-end, why didn’t you stop her just now?”

Nolan didn’t answer.

She continued. “Since you didn’t stop her, why are you blaming me now?”

It wasn’t possible for Nolan not to know about Taylor. If he knew, he would know that Willow would be stonewalled.

Even if Willow said she was Nolan’s girlfriend, they might still ignore her. If he didn’t stop her, why was he putting the blame on Maisie now?

“What do you want?”

Maisie hesitated and looked at him. “I want Vaenna.”

“To get the shares from her?” Nolan said calmly.

She didn’t bother to pretend. “Yes.”

Nolan looked at how carefree this woman was. He squinted a little and said, “I can give that to



Maisie was startled. She was surprised. Did she imagine that?

Nolan got closer to her. “I can give you something that’s even more attractive than shares, but you have to give up the shares of Vaenna for it.”

Maisie’s face froze upon hearing that. She sniggered. “I’m not interested in anything other than shares of Vaenna. Even if it’s $150,000,000.”

Nolan scoffed. “Maisie, you need to be smart. You won’t get any of the shares if I don’t agree to it.”

“Are you trying to say that you’re going to try and stop me?” Maisie’s eyes darkened.

He was already protecting her even when they weren’t married yet. If they really did get married, Willow was probably going to do a riverdance on her head.

“I don’t need to try. Given your status and capability, why would you care about this?” He paused, sounding cold. “If you’re willing to give up on the shares of Vaenna, I’ll give you a new jewelry company.”

Maisie looked at him. “You want me to give my mother’s company to an unrelated person. Why?”

Nolan’s eyes were calm. “Your father has already taken all the shares from the company that your mother founded. According to the law, this company belongs to Stephen. Your mother is no longer in the picture.”


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