The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 39

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 39

Maisie’s eyes darted around, her expression slowly calming down.

‘Father has taken all of Mother’s shares?’


‘It was shared equity, and they were Mother’s shares. Why were they taken?’

“I don’t believe you.” Maisie gnashed her teeth.

“Why don’t you ask your father?” Seeing her eyes losing hope, Nolan somehow felt… concerned.

He had looked into every detail of the Vanderbilts and was clear about Vaenna’s predicament.

He hadn’t known that the late wife of Stephen founded Vaenna. He had started looking into them when Maisie came back.

Marina had started Vaenna with Stephen, but since her demise, all the shares had gone to Stephen instead of him helping Maisie keep her mother’s shares.

Willow only had this company because Stephen had given it to her. She was not as capable nor talented as Maisie.

Nolan was a little selfish when it came to getting Maisie out of Vaenna. Maybe it would be better for him to investigate if he kept her close.

Maisie shook off his hand with a serious expression. She rubbed her wrist and turned around. “Mr. Goldmann, you may leave if there’s nothing further to talk about.”

“You’ll come to me.” Nolan left after saying that.

Maisie walked to her desk, picked up the phone, and dialed a number. “Mr. Zidane? I’m Maisie. I’d like to know more about my mother’s will.”


Willow happily went to Taylor for their meeting, but she was stonewalled.

She didn’t know how important Taylor Jewelry was in Zlokova, so she acted as such. “I’m Mr. Goldmann’s girlfriend. Treating me like this just means that you’re disrespecting Mr. Goldmann.”

Given the influence the Goldmanns had in Zlokova, she wasn’t afraid.

“Mr. Goldmann and his influence. Does that mean anyone can throw a fit in my place in his name?”

Among a few bodyguards that were walking toward them, an old woman with grey hair in an

elegant emerald dress was pushed out on a wheelchair. She was wearing priceless rosewood rosary beads on her hand.

Even though she was old, one could tell that she was a beauty of her time. Even though she was in a wheelchair, one could still feel how commanding she was.

“You’re just a little jewelrcompany. If I want to work with you, it’s because we can see your potential.” Willow held her arrogance.

The old woman laughed with a fierceness in her eyes. “Which company sent this ignorant employee over? Why didn’t you do a bit of research before coming over and see who we Taylor Jewelry are first?”

An employee went to the old lady and said something. She waved him off impatiently. “What i s Vaenna? I’ve never heard of them. Get the security to escort her out.”

“You wouldn’t dare! I’m Mr. Goldmann’s girlfriend!”

The old lady looked fierce. “Get Mr. Goldmann to come then. See if he will give this old woman some respect. Throw her out!”

A few security guards appeared and forcefully took Willow outside.

Willow was fuming after being thrown out of Taylor.

She should have let Maisie come over. She must have framed her for this. Maisie had been aware that this was going to fail, so she had let her come instead.

No way! She was going to repay this humiliation one day!

At Vanderbilt Manor… Maisie sped home with the document, ignoring Leila, who was in the living room.


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