The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 40

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 40

Seeing that Maisie ignored her, Leila blocked her. “What are you doing?”

“Get out of the way.” Maisie pushed her aside, ignoring the people who were talking behind her, and went straight to the study. She slammed the documents on the desk.

Stephen was shocked at her actions, and his face sank. “How dare you come back?”

“Do you think I want to come back here? I came to ask you something.” Maisie held the document. “What happened to my mother’s shares?”

Stephen was stunned. He.didn’t think she would ask about this.

Seeing that Stephen was quiet, Maisie continued. “My mother founded Vaenna, and it’s shared equity with you. Why would her shares become yours when she passed?

Are you questioning me?” Stephen raised his voice.

Leila, who was eavesdropping outside, was wondering why Maisie came to see Stephen, but when she heard arguments, she was glad. That’s right, the worse the argument between the two of you, the better.

“Give me a good explanation then.” Maisie kept her interrogative tone.

Stephen slammed his hands on the table. “I’m your father!”

“That wasn’t what you said six years ago.” Maisie’s eyes were cloudy. “When you kicked me out, did you really think I was still your daughter?

Stephen clenched his jaw but didn’t answer.

“I kept thinking, why would you let an outsider run my mother’s company? Turns out you’ve taken over all the shares, even all the property that Vaenna owns. My mother was never mentioned.”

Maisie’s eyes were red, but she suddenly burst out laughing. “Now that I think of it, if you really did love my mother, you wouldn’t have had a mistress and even made a child out of wedlock.”


Stephen’s slap fell hard on her cheek.

Maisie’s face slightly turned, her hair a little messy. The red print on her face was brighter than the one that Leila had left.

“If you still think of me as your father, stop questioning.” Stephen gnashed his teeth.

Seeing the coldness on her father’s face, not even showing the guilt he felt about her mother, Maisie was absolutely disappointed.

She nodded, not able to stop a tear from rolling down her cheek. She smiled. “I’m no longer related to the Vanderbilts. I can’t take out the blood in me, but I’m now an outsider.” “You…”

Maisie took the document, turned, and left the study.

She opened the door and bumped into Leila, who was standing outside, and left.

Leila pretended to worry. “Dear, is Zee alright?”

“Ignore her.” Stephen sat down. The palm that had slapped her curled into a fist. 1

Maisie sat in the car. The tears that she had been holding back started rolling down her cheeks. She sucked it up; wiped her tears off, started the engine, and left Vanderbilt Manor.

At a cafe…

Ryleigh was shocked that Waylon and Colton had invited her for some coffee. However, she felt that these two rascals were “up to no good.”

“Colton, Waylon, do you need my help with something?” she asked, straight to the point, and took a sip of her coffee.

“Godmother, my brother and sister are going into showbiz. That’s why we wanted your help!”

Ryleigh choked on her coffee. After a few coughs, she calmed down, looked at Waylon, and said, “You want to join the entertainment business with Daisie?”


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