The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 41

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 41

Waylon nodded. “Royal Crown has scouted us.”

Ryleigh was stumped. “You two are so lucky!”

But honestly, just by their looks alone, she would want them too if she was a scout!

Colton happily went and sat next to her. “Godmother, would you help them?”

“I… I’m not in the business. How could I help?” Ryleigh felt a little awkward.

“But your cousin is!”


Ryleigh’s hand that was holding coffee jolted. She smiled. “You know that?”

“That wasn’t hard. We definitely looked into our godmother.” Colten jiggled his head happily.

Ryleigh laughed drily. “Zee really did make some geniuses!(This novel will be daily updtaed at

“Godmother, please help us. If someone bullies you in the future, we will help you too.” Colton tugged on her sleeve.

That cute little face is too much to handle for Ryleigh. “Alright, of course, I’ll help. Hahaha.”


Willow slammed the agreement on Maisie’s desk. She was going to put all the blame on the humiliation she got from Taylor on Maisie. “I was wondering why you happily agreed. You were trying to humiliate me, right?”

“You wanted to go. Weren’t you trying to prove yourself? I gave you a chance, but you didn’t take full advantage of it, and you’re blaming me?” Maisie wasn’t in a good mood after her talk with her father.

“You. “Willow was so angry she trembled. “I was wondering which stupid company you were trying to work with. Taylor Jewelry? You’re just good at picking useless companies!”

Maisie raised her eyes and looked at her. “Stupid company? Useless?”.

She laughed. “Have you not heard about TaylorDon’t you know how much influence Taylor Jewelry has over the jewelry industry of Zlokova? How could you work here when you don’t even know that?”

“Maisie, I know you’re jealous that I got Vaenne Jewelry. I can’t help it that father gave it to m


Willow crossed her arms and scoffed. “I’m not as good as you, but I’m luckier. I have the support of Dad and Nolan. What do you have? Youre just a slightly famous international

jewelry designer. That means nothing to me.”

Seeing Maisie’s serious expression, Willow continued proudly.  (This novel will be daily updtaed at “What’s the point of you coming back? I’m just going to walk all over you. Take my advice, don’t go against me, or I’m going to make your life in Vaenna a living hell!”

Maisie’s face turned colder upon hearing her threats.

She had been under the impression that Vaenna that her mother had left behind was her only motivation, but the truth was, Vaenna was no longer related to her.

‘The coldness Dad showed to Mom was all because of Leila and Willow.’

The woman who had ruined her family was threatening her with the love that her father had for her. Willow couldn’t help showing off.(This novel will be daily updtaed at

Maisie hadn’t learned her lesson before. She hadn’t taken Leila and Willow’s existence seriously because she thought that her father would trust her as the firstborn of the Vanderbilts.

It was probably her overconfidence that had caused her downfall with the mother and daughter pair.

That was too bad. She was utterly disappointed with her family. No one could threaten her other than her three children. Not even Stephen!


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