The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 42

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 42

After Maisie stared at Willow for a long time, she calmly said, “Willow, you’re always so arrogant.”

She slowly got up and said, “If you want Vaenna so much, it’s yours now.”

Willow was shocked. This woman just said she was giving Vaenna to her?

She finally got smart.

“I knew you couldn’t win. You should’ve just given up sooner.” Willow laughed.

“I’m not giving up.” Maisie walked to her with her arms crossed. “I’m just letting you have a little fun with Vaenna for now. I will still take it back in the future.”

Maisie didn’t want the shares anymore. She wanted to acquire Vaenne!

“You?” Willow scoffed.

“Yes, me.” Maisie threw her resignation letter on her face and chuckled.  (This novel will be daily updtaed at “Look forward to the day when you hand Vaenna back to me.”

She picked up her bag and looked at Willow. “Willow, I think it’s time you learn how it feels to be ‘threatened.”

Didn’t she love to use Nolan to threaten her?

Hah, she was going to accept Nolan’s proposal!

She left the company without looking back.

Willow stared at the letter in her hand. She didn’t take what Maisie said to heart. As long as the woman left Vaenna, she couldn’t care less about threats.

Nolan would always believe and protect her. Why did this woman think she could win? She couldn’t!

At Blackgold Group…

Maisie sat with her legs crossed in the waiting room of the hall with her shades on. After a

short wait, a man walked toward her. That man was Nolan’s personal assistant, Quincy Lawson.

Quincy looked at her. “Ms. Vanderbilt, please follow me.”

Maisie stood up and walked toward the elevator with him.

In the CEO’s office…

Nolan leaned back on his chair while reading some documents. He only raised his eyes when Quincy came in.

Quincy left after he brought Maisie in.

Nolan looked at her. “I knew you would come back to see me.”

Maisie took off her shades, walked to the desk, put her hand on it, and smiled. (This novel will be daily updtaed at “It’s all thanks t o you. If you didn’t tell me about the shares, why would I work with you?”

“Work with me?” Nolan squinted.

Maisie stood up straight and played with her sunshades. “Yes, work with you. I won’t just take the $150,000,000.”

Nolan leaned back. “How do you want to do this?”

Maisie looked down. “I can bring the jewelry company you give me to the peak of the jewelry world in a year. I’ll only take 25% of the shares, you can take all the profit, but you can not get involved with anything I do.”

After she said that, she looked up and caught Nolan’s eyes. Nolan frowned and stared at her for a while. “Agreed.”

Upon seeing him agree, Maisie’s shocked expression returned to normal in a split second. (This novel will be daily updtaed at ” Since you’ve agreed, I hope that you’ll be able to stick to your promise.”

After a year, she would have enough to acquire Vaenna. He would have to live up to his promise.

Maisie quickly signed the agreement and handed it to him. “Let’s have a good partnership then.”

Quincy brought Maisie to the 16th floor. It was an empty floor, and the view was breathtaking. Her private office was spacious, much bigger than the one she had at Vaenna.


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