The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 5

The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 5

Maisie took the cell phone to the balcony and answered the call. “What happened, is Director Vanderbilt regretting your action now?” 

Willow gnashed her teeth furiously when she heard this. “Maisie, don’t try your luck. It’s your honor that we’re willing to pay $150,000,000 just to hire you!”

“Oh really? You make it sound like I’m in urgent need of your millions.” Maisie leaned against the rail of the balcony with a faint smile on her face. “Since this isn’t a sincere collaboration, then don’t call me again.”

“Wait a minute!” Willow yelled, sat on her office’s desk, and smirked coldly. “Maisie Vanderbilt, don’t you forget that I still have that video in my possession.”

Maisie’s expression dimmed gradually ever since the word “video” was mentioned.

Willow smirked when she did not hear any response over the call. “If you don’t want me to expose the matter that took place six years ago, I advise you to come over and have a discussion with me tomorrow morning.”

Maisie took a deep breath and nodded. “Okay, I’ll go over tomorrow.”

She then hung up the call as soon as she said so.

Daisie, who was eavesdropping from behind, ran back to the room with her tiny feet and said to her brothers, “That vicious woman called and threatened Mommy!”

Waylon then suggested immediately, “Then we’ll initiate our plan when Mommy goes out to meet her tomorrow.”

Colton showed an ‘okay’ gesture and uploaded Daisie and Waylon’s personal information and resume to the official “Young Faces” website, a children’s clothing brand under the Blackgold Group.

‘It just so happens that the brand was looking for two young models, and we’ll definitely be selected!

‘We’ll be able to get close to that man as long as the brand belongs to the Blackgold Group. We have to figure out whether Nolan is our daddy or not!’

The next day…

Maisie reached Vaenna Jewelry, and the secretary led her to Willow’s office. As expected, Willow was waiting for her on the couch.

Willow smiled, got up, and walked toward her as soon as the secretary went out. “I thought you wouldn’t come.”

“The video is still in your possession. Could I not come?” Maisie smiled. “By the way, I’m very thankful to you for not leaking the video through all these years.”

Willow looked slightly embarrassed.

‘It’s not that I didn’t want to leak the video. I was worried that Nolan would discover that the woman from that night isn’t me if I were to do so.’

‘However, judging from Maisie’s attitude, she probably doesn’t know that the man from that night is Nolan. Thus, I just so happen to still be able to threaten her with this video.’

“Okay, let’s not talk about anything else. I’ve prepared the contract for you, and the $150,000,000 will be yours as long as you sign it.” Willow went to her desk, picked up the contract, and handed it over to Maisie.

Maisie did not grab it from her. “It seems that you really need me.”

“Heh, do you really think that I want you to stay in Vaenna?”

“Yes, after all, the man who wants me to stay in Vaenna is the man who’s going to pay me that $150,000,000 on your behalf. You did find yourself quite a rock during these six years, huh?” Maisie mocked her sarcastically. “It’s a pity that you still owe me that slap from yesterday. Wouldn’t this be my loss if I were to sign it now?”

Willow’s face turned sulky as soon as she heard this. “Don’t you push your luck.”

Maisie walked up to her, leaned close to her, raised an eyebrow, and smiled. “I suffered such a loss in your hands six years ago. I won’t allow you to manipulate me into doing anything else six years later. Will you go down on your knees and apologize to me if you want me to sign this?”

Seeing Willow lifting her arm, Maisie intercepted her action swiftly by grabbing onto her wrist. “Still planning to hit me?”

“Maisie Vanderbilt, I would advise you to sign it now. Otherwise, I’ll leak the video so that

everyone in Bassburgh will know just how slutty the world-renowned Zora is.”

Maisie backhanded Willow on her cheek.

Willow was dumbfounded. She gnashed her teeth after returning to her senses. “You f*cking b*tc—”

“Does Miss Zora treat others like this in Luxella too?” A faint voice sounded from behind.

Nolan entered the room with his personal assistant and just happened to witness this scene.

He had experienced the arrogance of this woman first-hand, but he did not expect her to be so presumptuous.

Maisie murmured to herself, “What a coincidence.”

Willow was delighted deep down as Nolan had come at the right time and bit her lower lip to act pitiful. “Nolan, don’t blame Miss Zora. It’s all my fault. Maybe I’ve done something wrong.”

Nolan walked up to Maisie and warned her with an indifferent tone, “I have ways to eradicate all the opportunities that might lead you back to Luxella if you continue to give me this attitude.”

“Are you threatening me?” Maisie raised her head. She hated being threatened the most in her life!

Nolan frowned slightly upon seeing the abhorrence in her eyes. “So what if it’s a threat?”

Maisie burst into laughter. “You guys are the ones who want to hire me. But not only did you neglect me at first, but you also hit me after that. Do I look like easy meat to you?”

“She should apologize to you for her wrongdoing.” Nolan approached her. “But shouldn’t you apologize for your wrongdoing too?”

“What have I done wrongly?” Maisie spread both her hands out. “I was just returning her the hospitality and courtesy that I got from her yesterday. I’ve only gotten even with her with that slap. So why is it my fault?

“Isn’t this the same as you saying that I’m disrespecting the elderly when I want to lodge a police report after being conned by a granny who I helped cross the road?”

Nola’s glacial eyes looked stern. “Don’t justify your actions with excuses.”

Maisie snorted, turned around, and waved. “Then I’ll stick to what I’ve been saying all this while. There’s nothing worth discussing now.”

Maisie’s arm was abruptly hauled when she was walking toward the elevator. She was then dragged to the stairway.

Maisie struggled to break free. “What are you doing? Let me go!”

Nolan lowered his gaze and said sombrely, “You’d better go back and apologize.”


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