The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 819

Chapter 819

However, in Maisie’s eyes, Saydie was just a young 22-year-old girl. She had no regard for her life, so Strix let her stay with him, letting her escape the unstable lifestyle she had.

Nolan knew that everyone around Maisie was kind. He kissed her forehead. “Don’t worry. If I let her help, I won’t let her die.” At that moment, Quincy called. Nolan picked up, and Quincy anxiously said, “Mr. Goldmann, something has happened. The goods weren’t delivered.

Someone intercepted them on the way, and I’m rushing over. We’ve been exposed.”

Nolan frowned. “What about Saydie and the men?”

Quincy answered, “I can’t get in touch with her or Gerald’s men. The police are tracking the goods.” Nolan calmed down and said, “I’ll head over now. Inform Gerald and ask him to be alert.”

Maisie frowned as her worries had come true.

Nolan walked back into the house and changed while she asked, “Are you going out?”


“I’ll come with you,” Maisie held his hand,” I’m worried.” Nolan couldn’t argue, so he helplessly said, “Alright.” Quincy got there when the police were taping up the place. From the marks on the road, something had happened there because there were heavy skid marks and glass fragments. A small car had crashed on the side of the road with the hood opened up and white smoke coming out. There was gasoline on the road too.

The windshield had a few cracks, and there were bullet holes. The passenger seat’s window was rolled down, and the man seated there had been shot in the head. He had probably been shot when he was firing his weapon.

However, the driver was nowhere to be found. They had probably escaped.

Nolan parked his car by the road, and Quincy ran toward them.

He lowered the window, and Quincy said,” Mr. Goldmann, we only saw a body and an abandoned car. The deceased is one of

Gerald’s men.

Nolan coldly asked, “Where are Saydie and the rest?”: Quincy shook his head. “They’re not here. The police suspect the truck was hijacked, and they were kidnapped.” Nolan was silent for a moment before saying, “Inform Mr. Boucher.” Quincy nodded.

Maisie, sitting in the passenger seat, looked out and saw woods surrounding them. If they were hijacked, they might have turned around . They definitely didn’t drive into town.

“Nolan, if they knew that the police were planning an ambush in the city, they wouldn’t take the freeway because there’s surveillance there. Where does this road lead to?”

Nolan looked at her. “The border of Asperia.”.

Quincy walked over. “Mr. Goldmann, they’ve looked into all the freeways, and the hijackers weren’t on any of them. Mr. Boucher has been informed, and the police have blocked all roads leading to Asperia.”

Nolan looked out the window, half of his face hidden in the shadows. “Find a way to contact Saydie.”

At Glitz…

“The goods have been hijacked?” The man stood in front of the window with his

hands behind his back, running his fingers over the rosary.

The bodyguard who came to report nodded. “Yes, it was brought to Asperia. We don’t know who did it.”

The man laughed. “They might not trust Gerald or might have gotten some intel.”

“The police showing up was too much of a coincidence. It seems like someone really wanted this batch of goods. Zhivkov immediately left the port once he got the news, probably to avoid getting dragged into it.”


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