The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 821

Chapter 821

Barbara waved at Maise, and she walked over to her. She pulled the chair and took her seat.

“What happened? You seem nervous.”

Barbara pulled a folder out of her bag and put it on the table. “I found something related to my uncle. He was at the Glitz Club the day of his accident.”

Maisie picked up the folder and opened it. The surveillance camera captured some images. Barbara took the cup of coffee and said, ‘The man beside my uncle is the owner of the Glitz Club.”

“So you suspect that these things have something to do with the people behind the Glitz Club as well?” Maisie asked as she looked at her.

Barbara let out a bitter smile. “I really don’t get it. If they want to offer me help, why are they still keeping me in the dark? If my uncle’s death is really related to them, the person must be up to something for helping me in the first place. But the Chases and the people from the Glitz Club have no grudges against each other, so I can’t figure out why.”

It would make sense if they were their enemies in politics, but the owner of the Glitz Club had nothing against the Chases. Could it be that they were working for those people too?

Barbara suddenly thought of something and said, “Oh yeah. I heard that Mr.

Zhivkov has run away. Do you know about that?”

Maisie nodded. “Yeah. Mr. Zhivkov helped the people from above to sell a batch of goods, but the batch of goods was hijacked last night. I guess Mr. Zhivkov doesn’t want to get into trouble, so he cut ties with them first.”

“I learned something yesterday by accident” Barbara said as she pulled a

photo out. “I guess you should know her.”

When Maisie saw who the person in the photo was, she was slightly stunned.” Maizie?”

The face of the man standing beside

Maizie was not visible. However, he was almost as old as Maizie’s father, judging from his age. Maizie was holding his arms, and they seemed very close to each other.

“After Maizie was chased out of her family, other than her mother’s support, she also found someone to back her up. I heard that he’s one of the higher-ups.

Maisie squinted her eyes. “How did you know about it?”

Barbara chuckled and replied, “I have eyes i n the Glitz Club too. Otherwise, how do you think I would get the surveillance video of my uncle’s visit to the club? This photo was taken from the video too. It happened about a week ago. Maizie followed this man to the Glitz Club. Mr. Zhivkov was there as well that day, so I can assume that this man should be related to the person behind Mr. Zhivkov.”

The Glitz Club was filled with many powerful figures. Many bigshots, including the higher-ups, liked to meet at the Glitz Club. The major reason was that the Glitz Club was very good at protecting their guests’ personal information, as some of the rich bigshots did not want anyone to know they were spending money there. The receptionist would keep the customers ‘information private, and as long as they spent their money there, the Glitz Club would not care even if the customers gave them fake names.

When she had been to the Glitz Club with Nolan last time, he had used a fake name.

This practice actually saved their customers a lot of trouble, and it was the reason Peter liked to bring his lovers to the Glitz Club. After all, even if his wife noticed something and went to ask the receptionist, there was nothing she could do if Peter had not left any real information about him. Besides that, it could also provide temporary relief for some of the people who were being hunted as their enemies wouldn’t be able to find them as long as they stayed in the Glitz Club.

The insiders knew the background of the Glitz Club and what kind of people they entertained. Even if the customers did not leave any real information, as long as someone made a scene in the club, they could be tracked down through the surveillance.

Since they did not want to offend the wrong people and get themselves into trouble, most of the people in the Glitz Club, especially those wealthy men or influential figures, would try their best to keep a low profile in the Glitz Club.

After Maisie left the coffee shop; she sent the picture Barbara had given her to Quincy.

Nolan was playing golf with Yael when he received a text message from Quincy.

Yael hit the ball and asked, “Have you

found anything?”


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