The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 822

Chapter 822

Nolan put his phone away and chuckled. “I had no idea that Nathaniel, the owner of a chain enterprise, would be related to the higher-ups. It seems like I’ve underestimated him.”

“The Hannigans? They are part of it too?” Yael straightened his body and turned around to look at him.

“I’m not sure about Nathaniel, but his daughter is,” Nolan replied as he hit the ball into the hole. “Do you know Tony?” Yael then replied calmly, “Tony is a local tyrant in Asperia. He’s the boss of all of the clubs in Asperia, and you can say that he’s Peter’s boss too. When Michael raided Peter’s club, Tony seemed to be aware of it, so he found someone to replace him.” Nolan squinted his eyes. “So he’s the one who’s going to replace the Chases?”

Yael nodded. “That’s right. Tony probably would take over Caleb’s position after his death. It seems like Tony was aware that something was wrong with the batch of goods. I wonder how he knew our plan.” Nolan’s face turned dark slightly. “Probably someone who knows me was there that night. They must have recognized my men.”

In a hotel suite…

Maizie was sitting on the couch in her bathrobe. While she was applying nail polish to her toenails, she talked on the phone, “Don’t worry, Godfather. They won’t know it’s me. After I help you get the position you want, don’t forget to help me set up a matchmaking meeting with the


She hung up the call, and a smile was playing on the tip of her lips. So what if she had been kicked out of the Hannigans? Thanks to some higher-ups her father knew, she had been able to get to know Tony.

She messed up Nolan’s plan and saved Tony’s life this time. After Tony took over the Chases and joined forces with the higher-ups, even the Bouchers would not be able to go against them.

At that time, Francisco would be hers. She was certain that Nolan did not expect she had been sitting on the passenger seat when she went there last night with Tony and recognized Saydie. She had said something to Tony, and it was only then Tony asked Peter to test Saydie out. She was delighted that she had managed to get revenge on Nolan by foiling his plan. After Tony successfully rose to the position and she married into the Bouchers, she would make Maisie and Nolan pay for everything they had done to her.

The truck stopped outside the city. Saydie and a few of them were taken out of the truck, and a few vans that came to meet them from the other side were parked not far away.

They seemed to be discussing something, but Saydie couldn’t hear it since she was too far away from them. However, judging from their actions and expressions, it seemed to her that they couldn’t enter the city.

One of the men with a tattooed arm and a fierce facial expression looked this way and ordered his men to unload the goods.

Gerald’s men were tied up with ropes.

Saydie had untied them in the middle of the night, so they were just pretending that they were being tied up right now. “They’re going to change to another vehicle,” the man with a buzz cut whispered to Saydie when he saw those people were unloading the goods.

Saydie looked at the few vans. It seemed that she was right. The truck was targeted, and they couldn’t enter the city. They needed to switch vehicles to deliver the goods into the city separately.

The tattooed man was holding a cigarette between his lips. One of his underlings lit up the cigarette, and he took a long drag from it. After that he walked toward them and snarled, “Just you wait, you b*stards! We’re going to show you who’s the boss once we arrive at Asperia.”

Someone spat at him, and the tattooed man’s face turned grim. He kicked the man to the ground and shouted, “How dare you spit at me

He spat at the man back and kicked him a few more times.

The man had been injured last night, and he couldn’t get up from the ground after receiving a few kicks from him.


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