The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 823

Chapter 823

The veins on the buzz cut man’s neck bulged as he gnashed his teeth. As if she knew what he was going to do, Saydie stopped him. “No

Just hold on a little longer.”

When the tattooed man saw the defiant look on the man, he said, “Hah, what’s with that face? Do you want to bite me?”

He then walked toward the man, but he was looking at Saydie. He pushed the buzzcut man away, causing him to lose his balance and fall to the ground.


The buzz-cut man wanted to pounce at him, but another two people from the back came forward and pinned him on the ground.

The tattooed man took a drag from his cigarette and blew the smoke on Saydie’s face. Saydie squinted her eyes and looked at him expressionlessly.

“I had no idea that Gerald would recruit a woman. This is rare,” the tattooed man said as he smiled lecherously. He lifted his hand to caress her cheek and continued.” You have fair skin, and your flesh feels so delicate. Are you sure you can take a few punches from us ? It’s not that easy for a woman like you to survive in this world. Rather than following that crippled Gerald, why don’t you come with me instead? I assure you that you’ll lead a good life in Asperia.”

Saydie remained silent. The buzz-cut man shouted nervously, “If you’re a man, then stop forcing a woman to do something that she doesn’t want to do!” The tattooed man jerked his head around and said gloomily, “So? After all, none of you will be able to get away once we enter the city. So, why can’t I have some fun now?”

He threw the cigarette stub on the ground, clasped his hands together, and went closer to Saydie. “We’re now in the middle of nowhere, and all of them are my men. Even if you shout yourself hoarse, no one will come to your rescue.”

Saydie finally opened her mouth and said, “ You can try it if you want to die.”

The tattooed man waved off Saydie’s provocation with a shrug. He said, “I’m more willing to die if I can spend a wonderful night with a pretty woman like you.”

Saydie suddenly lifted her knee. The tattooed man couldn’t evade in time, and his face contorted out of shape in pain. Saydie broke herself free from the rope. The people behind her quickly came forward. She swiftly pulled her switchblade out and met the incoming men straight on.

When a man performed a sweeping kick on her, she grabbed the man’s ankle with deadly precision. She held him so tightly that he couldn’t even move. Then, she slammed him to the ground and delivered a kick at him, causing him to fly several feet away.

She dodged three attacks at the same time, lifted her elbow to strike one of them, and spun around to deliver a flying kick at the next one.

The people who were unloading the goods all rushed toward Saydie simultaneously.

Gerald’s men freed themselves from the ropes and joined Saydie to fight with them.

Gaydie’s movements were swift and deadly. While one of them pulled out a gun, Saydie snatched it out from his hand within a second and threw a punch at him, cracking his bone in the process.

A large group of people was caught in a fierce struggle.

Just when the buzz-cut man was about to get shot in his head, Saydie threw the switchblade at the man without any hesitation and knocked the gun out of his hand.

The buzz-cut man seized the chance and grabbed the man by his neck. He threw him to the ground and kicked him several times.

Suddenly, Saydie saw that some of them were trying to run away in the vans. Just when she was about to go after them, a dozen police cars arrived and surrounded them.


Saydie turned her head around when she heard Quincy’s voice.

She turned her head back to find that a van had already gone out far, but luckily, two police cars were chasing after it.

The crowd at the scene was subdued by the police and brought to the police cars. There were quite a number of goods left behind. When the police officers carried the crates out and opened them, they were shocked.

Not only were there cultural artifacts, but there were some valuable medicinal herbs, such as bear biles, bear paws, and deer tendons.

Just smuggling these items alone, not to mention there were dozens of crates of them, was enough to land one in prison for at least ten years.

After Quincy finished talking with the police, he walked toward Saydie. “Are you hurt?”

Saydie glanced at him curiously as if she was asking him who could hurt her.

When Quincy noticed that he had asked a stupid question, he cleared his throat and said, “Well, it’s good that you aren’t hurt. If not, Mrs. Goldmann would be worried about you. Later, when we get into the car, I need your cooperation in giving a statement to the police.”


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