The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 825

Chapter 825

“It seems to me that the Bouchers are going to get destroyed in your hands. Yael has been hogging the position for more than 30 years. Don’t you think it’s time for someone to take over him like Michael?”

Helios chuckled and replied, “So? Are you going to use me as leverage to force my father to retire from his position?”

Tony smiled but did not say anything.

Barbara bit her lips and said, “You’re the one behind my uncle’s incident.”

Tony threw himself on the back of the couch and replied, “Well, honestly, he was a poor fellow. He overheard something he shouldn’t know in the Glitz Club and got caught.” Barbara’s face sank. Just as she expected, her uncle’s “death” was not an accident.

“It’s too bad that the Chases don’t have a son,” Tony continued as he studied

Barbara, “There’s nothing you can do since you’re a girl. You don’t belong to the Chases since you’re going to get married one day in the future.”

“Why can’t a woman sit in that position?” Barbara asked calmly. “Don’t

underestimate what we women can do.” “Do you know that Eric was my nephew?” Barbara froze. She clenched her fist so tightly that her nails had stabbed into her palm. “What!?”

‘Eric was his nephew?’

It was only now that the scale finally dropped before Barbara’s eyes. It was no wonder that Eric had the guts to do that to her despite knowing her identity. It was not because of his arrogance but because he had someone behind him.

“His mother is my biological sister. When our parents got divorced, I followed our father while she followed our mother.

We’ve never been in touch in all these decades.” Tony picked up a glass and smiled coldly,” I have to say that her son is a good-for-nothing. Other than indulging himself in eating, drinking, gambling, and frequenting the brothels, he knew nothing. Since I hadn’t married yet, I decided to nurture him myself. However, I didn’t expect that he would die in your hands. What a loser.” .

Barbara’s chest was heaving up and down rapidly. Although those things were in the past, she still couldn’t help herself but feel terrified when she learned some of the connections.

Helios glanced at her and switched to another topic. “It’s no wonder that you can monopolize half of the entertainment industry in Asperia. So you don’t have any weaknesses.”

Tony remained single until now. He hadn’t married, and he had no children. Even his father had passed away several years ago, so he did not have any weaknesses that other people could use against him.

Tony did not fly into a rage after what Helios said. “It’s rare to find someone as perceptive as you, Mr. Boucher. If you want to be successful, you’ll have to give up something: your friends, your family, and even your most treasured belongings. You need to eliminate those who re against your ideas, Weakness is a weapon. It’s harmful to others and to yourself as well. If not, both of you guys wouldn’t have fallen into my hands.”

Helios looked in another direction and said calmly, “Are you sure your plan is perfect?”

“Do you know why I didn’t confiscate your phones? That’s because this place will block all sorts of signals. Even if you have a location tracker on you, people from outside won’t be able to pinpoint your location.”

Tony stood up and walked up to the ceiling-to-floor window. He faced them with his back and continued. “Even if I kill both of you now, no one will know about it.”

At Blackgold…

“Mr. Goldmann, we can’t locate Helios. We lost the lead at Zolo Village.”

Nolan rubbed his temple and asked, “Can you get to him through the phone?” Quincy shook his head. “It was unreachable 30 minutes ago, and now his phone is switched off.”

Nolan looked at his laptop. The location tracker showed that Helios had been in Zolo Village 30 minutes ago. However, the signal was lost now.

Nolan closed his laptop and ordered, “Send someone to check it out. We must not let any clues fall through the cracks.”

Quincy nodded.

Christina had been in an agitated state since she learned that Helios had been taken away. She was having a fight with Yael in the study room.

Yael was sitting at the back of the desk, rubbing his temple. Initially, he could still explain to her patiently, but he had lost his patience right now.

“Christina, I told you I would bring our son back. Can you please stop for a moment?”


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