The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 826

Chapter 826

“How do you expect me to stop worrying?” Christina’s eyes were bloodshot. “That’s our son! I don’t wish to see the incident that took place on Winston Island repeat itself!”

“Do you think I want that to happen?” Yael lifted his head and remained calm

throughout the whole conversation. “I’m the one the other party is targeting. And I’ll bring Helios back in one piece.”

Christina was astonished. “What do you mean they’re targeting you?”

Yael did not say anything. “Could it be…” Christina seemed to have thought of someone, but she did not dare say the person’s name aloud.

‘Could it be Tristan? That’s impossible.

Tristan wouldn’t do this.’ “What could it be?” Yael stared at her while she was startled, pursed her lips, and said nothing.

Yael seemed to have seen through her and said solemnly, “You’re overthinking. This is a matter related to the political circle.” Christina’s face paled slightly. “You know who I had in mind-”

Yael stood up and walked out. “Don’t think too much. Helios will be fine.”

Christina stopped him. “You know about it, don’t you?”

Yael stood behind the door, grasping onto the door’s handle, but did not move.

Christina turned to look at him. Seeing that he did not react to her question, she covered her mouth, and no one could tell if she was weeping or giggling. “You know about the affair between Tristan and me. You’ve always known but never said anything about it. That’s because you’ve never cared at all.”

Yael covered his eyes.

“You’re still thinking about Natasha, and you still can’t get past her. She would be your current wife if your father hadn’t declined your wish to marry an actress back then, wouldn’t she? And you’d definitely be happier than you currently are.” Christina covered her face and whimpered bitterly.

She comforted herself that she could not blame Yael because he was only forced to marry her back then.

‘He has no feelings for me. Even though we’ve lived together for decades and even share a son together, we can only be a nominal couple who respects each other.

‘Ironically, it’s only after I got married that I fell in love with Tristan. He’s the only reason I get a chance to know what it’s like to be loved

I’ve repented through countless sleepless nights. I feel guilty because I’ve cheated on my husband. The feeling of love that I’ve always begged for and obtained from another man is something that my husband can’t give me.

I’m just an ordinary woman. I need to be loved too.’

Yael turned back and hugged her.

Christina was shocked by his action, and the sobbing stopped abruptly. Yael soothed his tone. “I hadn’t confronted you because I care about how you feel. I have no right to blame you for that as I’m the one who owes it to you in the first place. That’s why I won’t blame you.

Natasha is already a woman of the past, I do think about her from time to time, but you’re my wife. I’m not very good at coming up with romantic and loving ideas, but I wish to live with you for the rest of my life.”

At Soul…

Maisie could not get through to Barbara’s phone, and there was no reply from her on WhatsApp, so she could not help but frown.

‘Even if she could not reply to my text messages, it’s impossible for me not to be able to get through her phone, right? Has she gone to the Glitz Club?

Saydie parked the car outside the Glitz Club’s entrance and looked out the window. “The club isn’t open for business.” ‘I know that the Glitz Club is closed during the day, but Barbara has been here during the day, which indicates that the premises have another door in addition to the main entrance.’

“Let’s go to the side and have a look.”

Saydie found a parking lot, then got out of the car after Maisie and walked to the door at the side of the building, which was ajar.

She pushed open the door and ascended the steps. There was almost no one else in the lobby except for the cleaners sweeping the floor and a few waiters decorating the place.

One of the waiters saw her and came forward. “I’m sorry, but the club isn’t open for business yet.”

Maisie smiled. “I’m here looking for someone.”

The waiter was taken aback. “Then may I know who you’re looking for?”


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