The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 827

Chapter 827

“Barbara Chase.”

The waiter knew who Barbara was and gave off a polite smile. “Ms. Chase isn’t here today.”

Maisie frowned. “Has she not come here at all before this?”

He replied immediately, “Yes, we’d know if she’s been here.”

‘It doesn’t look like he’s lying.’ Maisie took a good look around the lobby.

Barbara isn’t here, and her phone has been turned off, so where would she be?’

The manager stepped out of the elevator and instructed the employees to tidy up upstairs private rooms. He then turned around, saw Maisie, and was dumbfounded.

The waiter walked over to the manager and reported, “She’s here for Ms. Chase.”

“Ms. Chase?” The manager took a glance at Maisie before walking toward them. “Ms. Chase hasn’t come here today. May I know why you are looking for her?”

Maisie replied calmly, “I couldn’t get through to her phone, and she hasn’t replied to my messages, so I thought she would be here.” The manager was astounded and seemed a little surprised. “You can’t get through to her phone?” Maisie nodded.

She had been observing the manager’s expression secretly, and the strange thing was that the manager obviously did not know about this. He looked more confused than herself.

She then asked tentatively, “Does your boss know where she is?”

The manager returned to his senses and smiled. “Our boss won’t know Ms. Chase’s whereabouts if she hasn’t informed us about that. However…”

He stared at Maisie. “What’s your relationship with Ms. Chase?”

“She’s my friend, and we’re rather close.” Maisie smiled and then looked away. “Her phone has always been turned on, but it’s been turned off out of the blue, so I’m a little worried.”

The manager was about to say something when two men in black suddenly came into the lobby. As such, he said, “Please give me a second.”

He then approached the two men in black.

One of them said something to him, and his expression dimmed in an instant.

The two men got into the elevator after talking to the manager.

The manager came over to Maisie. “I’m sorry, but something just came up, and we have to do something about it. As for Ms. Chase, I’ll get her to contact you if she comes here today.”

Maisie did not want to force anything.

Even if the other party had hidden Barbara here, she had no evidence and no way to investigate.

She was about to leave with Saydie, but the manager seemed to have received a new order and shouted abruptly. “Please stay.”

Maisie turned around. “Is there anything else?”

The manager looked surprised too. “Our boss wishes to see you. Please, follow me upstairs.”

Maisie and Saydie exchanged gazes. Saydie then nodded, and both of them followed the manager into the elevator.

The interior of the clubhouse was enormous. The first and second floors were divided into ordinary large and small private rooms. There was also a booth seating area. There were dozens of private rooms on the first and second floors alone, and there were 20 to 30 tables in the booth seating section. The large and medium booths could accommodate approximately a dozen people, while the smaller ones could accommodate 5 to 6 people,

In addition to the first and second floors, the third floor consisted of even larger VIP private rooms that had a suite layout. Each room contained all sorts of entertainment facilities and a karaoke station, and there were only eight rooms in total. And of course, its price was terrifyingly higher than those located on the first and second floors.

The elevator went straight to the fifth floor. The manager turned sideways to let them out of the elevator first.

Maisie took a good look at the design specifications of the corridor. The fifth floor’s decoration looked different from that of downstairs,

more like a personal design preference.

The manager walked up to the office door, knocked on the door, and opened the door to let them in after obtaining permission.

Maisie and Saydie entered the office, where its interior was pervaded with the fragrance of orchids. The man sitting on the leather chair looked as if he was around 36 years old and was wearing gold-rimmed glasses.

What he was wearing was not something from a common luxury brand but more like a tailor-made cotton and linen shirt. He was also in a genuine sheepskin vest, looking extremely elegant.

This was beyond Maisie’s expectations as she thought the owner of the Glitz Club would look somewhat like Peter…


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