The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 829

Chapter 829

Barbara stopped what she was doing.

They only gave us one fork when there are two lunchboxes?’

He put the lunchbox down. “Forget it. I can survive the night without eating this one meal.”

She did not hesitate before breaking her fork in two and giving the top part to him.” Let’s just put up with it.”

Helios looked at her and took the fork from her.

The two of them could only eat miserably with only half a fork. It rained heavily that night, and the neighborhood’s lights looked blurry due to the fog in the rain. Only the warm floor lamp placed next to the desk was turned on in the study. After listening to Quincy’s investigation report, Nolan closed the documents in his hand.” What did Mr. Boucher say?” Quincy responded, “Mr. Boucher intends to step down from his position and use it as a bargaining chip to save his son. However, I think it’s too risky. There’s no guarantee they’ll let Helios go even if Mr. Boucher keeps his end of the bargain.”

‘Tony has most probably abducted Helios. After all, the batch of goods has now been confiscated by the police. And Peter has gone into hiding and refuses to show himself in public. Tony might not even know where his hideout is. So the safest thing that Tony can do now is to keep

Helios in his custody in order to restrain


Nolan tapped the desk over and over again with his fingertips. He was thinking about something when Maisie pushed the door of the study open and came in with a cup of coffee. Quincy was stunned. “Ma’am, you’re still awake?”

“Yo, I realize that it’s very difficult for me to get used to that new appellation that you’re using.” Maisie smiled while putting the cup of coffee on the desk.

Quincy took a glance at Nolan and said in the most cowardly tone, “Mr. Goldmann is the person who asked me to change the way! address you.” Nolan raised his eyebrows. He then picked up the cup of coffee that Maisie had brewed with a faint smile. “That’s very intuitive of you, making coffee for me at this time.” Maisie crossed her arms. “You’re not allowed to drink it. I’ve brewed it for Quincy.”

Nolan was rendered speechless.

Quincy chuckled wryly. “I don’t need the coffee. I’ll suffer from insomnia whenever I consume coffee at night.”

“Did something happen to Helios too?” Maisie asked as she had actually overheard their conversation on the other side of the door just now,

Nolan put down the cup of coffee. “What do you mean by too?” Maisie stared at him. “Barbara has fallen victim to those people. Did the same happen to Helios too?” Nolan squinted slightly.

Quincy was shocked. “What? Ms. Chase has also fallen into the hands of those people? How did you get to know that?”

‘We only learned that Helios has gotten himself in trouble now, but why would they kidnap Ms. Chase? Michael Chase has already stepped down, and Caleb Chase has died. The Chases are no longer a threat to them.’

Maisie looked at them. “I went to the Glitz Club with Saydie and met the owner of the Glitz Club earlier today.”

Nolan frowned. His expression clearly showed that he was not very happy about that.

Maisie saw through what he was thinking, stood behind him, massaged his shoulders for him, and coaxed him. “I couldn’t contact Barbara this morning, so I went there to find her but couldn’t find her there either. Saydie was with me at that time, and she’d protect


Quincy spoke up suspiciously before Nolan had the chance to say anything. “Speaking of which, the owner of this Glitz Club has an extremely mysterious background. There’s no way to find out where he came from, and many customers who’ve been to the Glitz Club have never seen him before this.” Maisie smiled. “Then I should consider myself quite a lucky person. Not only did he know that I’m Mr. Goldmann’s wife, but he also

welcomed me in person.”

Quincy opened his mouth but did not utter a single word.

Nolan grabbed her wrist, turned around, and looked at her. “Do you think you’re that lucky?”

Maisie bent down and wrapped her arms around his shoulders and neck from behind. “He gave me a very important piece of information, which may be useful to you.”

“And what’s that?”


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