The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 830

Chapter 830

“It’s Peter Zhivkov’s son.”

Quincy was stunned for a split second after listening to what Maisie said and felt even more puzzled at this moment. “Peter’s son… What kind of information is this?”

Nolan pondered over something.

Maisie stood back up and propped her elbows against Nolan’s shoulders. “Peter once introduced him to many huge business owners in order to nurture and promote his son. However, what many people don’t know is that although Peter’s son seems to be a good-for-nothing who leads an unrestrained life, he actually picked up a lot of secrets unknowingly.”

Quincy was astounded for a moment. “So, this kid is quite an important person in the circle, huh?”

Peter had always been a shrewd man. He knew that the people behind him would never let him go after his failure in handling the batch of goods, so he ran away.

As for his son, Jaeger Zhivkov, he was only a rich man’s son who only knew how to enjoy his life to the fullest. He would not pose any threat to those people, Even if they wanted to use Jaeger to threaten Peter, they would still have to go through Peter’s father-in-law, a real estate tycoon in Asperia.

The father-in-law might not protect his son-in-law, but Jaeger was his grandson. He would not just stand by and watch those people lay their fingers on Jaeger.

Nolan chuckled softly. “It seems that this boy is indeed a key person who’s been overlooked by everyone.”

Maisie nodded. “No one knows that Jaeger has so many secrets up his sleeves, so those people will focus all their energy and attention on that kid once he appears in public. We can use this opportunity to distract them.”

Quincy clapped his hands. “This is a great idea. What do you think, Mr. Goldmann?”

Nolan took a sip of coffee. “Since the owner of the Glitz Club is willing to share this piece of information with you, he must have told you his whereabouts too, right?”

“He’s being offered the best things to eat and drink and enjoying his life in the Glitz Club now.”

*Although the owner of the Glitz Club knows about all these things, he wouldn’t hand us this piece of information without asking for anything in return.” Nolan turned around and looked at her. “Zee, what did you promise him?”

She lowered her gaze. Actually, his condition is rather simple. It’s about Barbara.”

Maisie recalled the favor that the owner of the Glitz Club had asked of her.

“I hid my identity from Elie because I don’t know how I should face her. She does

know me, but she hates me. The only thing that I regret is that I didn’t come out and save her when that incident happened. I don’t want her to know that I’ve chosen to help her unconditionally all these years in order to make up for it.”

Barbara woke up in the middle of the night

due to a sudden stomach ache.

She curled up against the wall. It was pitch black in the room, and it was raining outside, causing the room to feel damp and cold.

Helios heard tiny movements and asked,” What’s wrong?”

Barbara replied weakly upon hearing Helios’ voice, “My stomach hurts… Maybe the dinner that we ate earlier tonight was too greasy.”

Helios stood up in the dark and fumbled along the wall to get to the door. He then slammed on the door and called for someone to come

Being disturbed and woken up in the middle of the night, the guard opened the door and turned on the light impatiently.” Why the f*ck are you making so much noise at night?”

Helios asked patiently, “Ms. Chase has heartburn. Do you have any medicine?”

“Heartburn?” The guard yawned and took a glance at Barbara, who had curled up at the corner of the wall. “Isn’t it just a stomachache? Stop being such a princess. Who hasn’t experienced a stomach ache at least once in their life? Just bear with it, and it’ll pass.”

He was about to close the door when Helios stopped the door with a gloomy expression. “I think Mr. Grant will have a very difficult time explaining this if Ms. Chase were to get out of this incident with some permanent injuries, wouldn’t he?”

The guard had not gotten enough sleep, so he got irritated and pushed Helios out of the way, “Hey, are you trying to cause me trouble here?”

Helios’ expression remained the same. ‘Pass my message to Mr. Grant. If he still refuses to compromise, he will be in no position to blame us if anything goes wrong.”


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