The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 831

Chapter 831


A bodyguard in black heard the commotion and came over. “What’s the matter?”

The guard replied, “This fella is making a fuss on purpose.”. Helios remained calm throughout the whole conversation. “I’m not trying to make a fuss. But Ms. Chase is indeed having heartburn now

Are you telling me that Mr. Grant isn’t even willing to provide her with medication?” The bodyguard took a glance at Helios, took his cell phone out, and made a call at the side. He then said to the guard, “Go to a nearby pharmacy and get medicine for heartburn. Just satisfy them first whenever they need anything.”

The guard was dumbfounded.

But thinking that he was only working for someone else, he could only obey the instructions.

Helios walked over to Barbara’s side, squatted down, and helped her up. “Are you alright?” Barbara was in so much pain that she could not sit up straight or speak, and a few droplets of sweat rolled down her pale cheeks.

Ten minutes later, the guard brought the medicine back and prepared a bottle of warm water for them. Helios poured a glass of water from the bottle for her and handed a tablet to her.

She took the tablet, swallowed it, and drank water. It was still raining outside, and the cold and humid breeze gusted in through the window, making Barbara tremble involuntarily. Helios took off his coat and draped it over her shoulders. She gradually felt warmer after a short while, and her stomach stopped hurting so much. She then asked feebly, “How will you cope with the cold now that you’ve given me your jacket?” Helios leaned against the wall “It’s okay, I’m not cold.” Barbara lowered her gaze. ‘If I were the only one here, I really don’t know how I’d be able to survive this until the moment I get rescued.” Jaeger, who had been detained in the Glitz Club for several days, could not stand it any longer. He smashed the wine glass to vent his anger and pointed it at the guards. “You people from the Glitz Club are really doing as you please now, huh? Are you planning to imprison me here till the day I die?”

The bodyguards who were guarding him were expressionless and did not respond to his tantrum. Jaeger kicked the table angrily and wandered back and forth in the room with his arms akimbo. He spoke again. “Where’s that b*tch, Katrina? I want to see her!”

I’ve not been allowed to leave the Glitz Club ever since the night Katrina invited me here. That b*tch, as expected, she’s teamed up with these people to set me up.’

Seeing that the bodyguards did not speak, Jaeger walked up to them and grabbed the hem of the collar of one of the bodyguards. ” I’m asking you a question!”

“You’re already in your 20s, aren’t you, Mr. Zhivkov Jr ? So why are you still acting like a young brat? That’s very impulsive of you.”

Jaeger heard a voice coming from behind and looked at the man who was approaching him, while the bodyguards at the scene bowed respectfully in an instant at the man. “Sir.” “Sir?” Jaeger released his hand and took a good look at the man. “Are you the owner of Glitz?”

The man smiled. “My last name is Summer.”

He moved past Jaeger, walked up to the couch, and sat down. “I’m keeping you here in the club without any malicious intentions.” “There aren’t any malicious intentions?” Jaeger approached the man. “Your people confiscated my cell phone and won’t let me leave this club at all. This is illegal imprisonment!”

“Your father is missing.”

Jaeger was astonished. “What do you mean by that?” The man kept a smile on his face. “The police seized the batch of goods that your father shipped the other day.” Looking at Jaeger’s stiff and stern expression, he twirled the crystal beads with his fingers while giving off an obscure smile. “You should know what kind of fate your father will face.”

Jaeger did not speak.

The man waved, and a bodyguard came over with Jaeger’s cell phone. He then handed it back to Jaeger. “I’m keeping you in the club for the sake of your personal safety. However, since you want to leave, I won’t insist on keeping you here.”

Jaeger grabbed his phone, took a glance at the man sitting on the couch, and walked out without looking back.


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