The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 832

Chapter 832

Jaeger left the Glitz Club but was assaulted and taken away the moment he stepped out of the premises.

At Blackgold…

Quincy knocked on the door of the office. He then opened the door and walked in after obtaining permission. “Mr. Goldmann, we got him.” Nolan closed the documents in his hands.” Have him handed over to Mr. Boucher after we’ve completed the matter.”

Quincy nodded.

When he was about to leave, he remembered something and reported, “By the way, Mr. Goldmann, Mrs. Goldmann has located Maizie Hannigan. And as expected, she should have gone to find her together with Saydie.”

Nolan frowned.

Maizie still did not know the trouble approaching her at this moment. She had been under the impression they could not track her down,

so she was never worried.

She was walking out of a designer boutique when she felt nauseous all of a sudden. Thus, she dashed to the bathroom and vomited over the sink.

She then turned on the tap to flush out the filthy liquid in the sink, took some time to catch a breath, but vomited again immediately after managing to calm herself down.

She was on the verge of blacking out after all the vomiting, and her face was ashen. Looking at herself in the mirror, she suddenly remembered something, and her expression changed instantly. ‘It seems that I’ve missed my period for quite some time. Could it be… i At the gynecology department of the hospital… Maizie’s hands were trembling when she received the test results. I’m pregnant! But why now?’

I originally thought that I could blame everything on Francisco if I were to get pregnant around this time. Although Francisco didn’t touch me that night I got it on with someone else the next night. I was betting that I could get pregnant from that one encounter!

‘As long as this plan was a successful one,

my plan to get married to the Bouchers will no longer be just wishful thinking!

However, I got pregnant now, two weeks ahead of schedule! How can I push the blame on the Bouchers now?’

Maizie hid the pregnancy certificate and went straight to the hotel. She had just stepped through the room entrance when she saw that the room was tidy and remembered that she had left a message, telling the room service crew not to clean the room when she was out. Upon realizing that something was wrong, she was about to turn around and run out of the room.

However, Saydie suddenly appeared at the room entrance, blocking her way out.

Maizie was about to scream when the dagger in Saydie’s hand was placed against her neck. Saydie then pushed Maizie back

into the room and closed the door.

That was when Maisie came out of the bedroom, leaned against the wall, and looked at Maizie with her arms crossed.

Saydie pushed Maizie onto the couch. Maizie glared at Maisie and gnashed her teeth. “It’s you!?”

“You’ve been enjoying your life to the fullest these days, huh, Ms. Hannigan?” Maisie walked up to the couch and took the seat opposite Maizie. “It seems that you’ve found yourself a new backer as I expected, a m I right?”

“Maisie Vanderbilt, what are you trying to do!” She was too afraid to move because of the dagger hanging right above her neck.

Maisie threw a photo in front of her.

Maizie looked at the photo, and the complexion of her cheeks changed slightly.

Maisie glanced at her. “I heard that you’re one of the reasons the shipment was discovered. It’s no wonder that we still encountered such an issue even when Nolan had sent Saydie, someone they had never seen before, to handle the deal.”

Maizie wanted to get up, but Saydie held her shoulders and pressed her against the floor. She struggled twice and said with a vicious scoff, “Are you planning to threaten me? Maisie Vanderbilt, I’m betting that you don’t have the guts to do anything to me.”

Maisie squinted her eyes, stared at Maizie for a long time, and chuckled. “Did I say I was going to do something to you?”

“That’s it, you won’t even dare to kill me.” Maizie’s expression looked arrogant and somewhat presumptuous. “Aren’t you two here only because you want to extract the whereabouts of the person in the photo out of me? Let me make it clear to you. I won’t tell you sh*t, so what will you do to me?”

The air in the room became stagnant for a short while.

Upon seeing her unwillingness to cooperate, Maisie’s smile turned a little more restrained, and she said calmly, “But do you know that assisting and covering the mafia’s smuggling act is a crime?”

Maizie was dumbfounded, and she was out of words as if she had lost her voice.

“Since you don’t want to give me that information, I can only hand you over to the police. After all, the police are still investigating the people behind the shipment. If you still choose to harbor them, I can only ask you to come with me.”


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