The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 833

Chapter 833

Maizie roared, “Maisie Vanderbilt, I dare you to threaten me again!”

Maisie still did not change her expression.” I’ve given you a chance to have a friendly conversation with me, but since you don’t want to..

Upon saying that, she took her cell phone out, dialed 911, and showed Maizie the screen. “I’m still waiting to claim the bounty on your head.”

“Stop!” Maizie really panicked at that moment.

1, of course, know that covering them up is a crime, but I…

‘I don’t want to go to prison! But I don’t dare to betray my sugar daddy either.’ “l-I can’t go to the precinct with you! I’m pregnant!” Maizie murmured.

Maisie scoffed. “Why are you telling me that you’re pregnant? It’s not like I’m the father of the baby.”

Maizie could not help but clench her hands tightly, trembling from head to toe, and begged, “You’re also a woman who has children! Don ‘t you think that you’re being too cruel to a mother whose child hasn’t even been born?”

“Your faulty reasoning doesn’t work on me. I’m only giving you 10 minutes.” Maisie showed her no mercy.

Maizie bit her lip tightly and did not let go, the bite was so deep that she could feel the skin of her lips on the brink of being bitten off.

After a long time, Maizie gave in to the threat.

Maisie and Saydie left the hotel. And Maisie handed a recording pen to Officer Zaleski at the parking lot.

Officer Zaleski took the recorder. “Thank you very much for helping us with this, Mrs. Goldmann.” Maisie smiled and nodded. “You’re welcome.”

After Officer Zaleski stepped into the hotel with a few other officers in plain clothes, Maisie turned her head and asked Saydie,” Do you think it’s despicable of me to betray her?” Saydie was caught off guard by the question for a split second and shook her head. “No.” Maisie smiled and asked, “Why so?”

“You didn’t tell her that you would let her off. The deal wouldn’t have failed if she wasn’t there when it was taking place the other day,”

Maisie returned to the Blue Bay villa and realized that Nolan had come home earlier than her and had already prepared dinner for her. She put down her handbag, walked toward Nolan, hugged him from behind, and pressed her face against his back. “Why have you come back so early?”

Nolan chuckled. “I’ve, of course, come back to cook for my wife.” He then turned around and hugged her.” You went to find Maizie Hannigan today.” ‘Yeah.” Maisie looked at him. “She submitted and confessed, and I’ve handed her to the police.”

Nolan pinched her jaw. “Aren’t you afraid that she’ll come at you for revenge when she gets out?”

Maisie raised her eyebrows. “I’ve survived Willow and Rowena, so why would I be afraid of Maizie Hannigan?”

Nolan froze slightly, held her in his arms, and hugged her tightly,

Maisie felt his warm embrace and pointed her fingertips at his beating heart. “Your birthday is 28 days away.”

He lowered his gaze and stared at the person in his arms. “Why would you remember my birthday all of a sudden?”

“You’re welcome to guess.”

Nolan picked her up. “Have you learned to riddle me?” Maisie chuckled softly, and the black hair hanging in the middle of the air wrapped around his arm, making her look exceptionally seductive.

“It seems that,” Nolan kissed her. “I can only reserve the dinner for later.”

It was dark outside the window as Nolan sat by the bed and answered Quincy’s call


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