The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 834

Chapter 834

Tony flicked off the ash on the cigarette, and his eyes looked stern and murderous.’ You useless piece of sh*t.”

The man in black lowered his head. He crushed the cigarette butt into the ashtray. “I can’t wait any longer. Peter just died. Although this can block the distribution of the shipment, Yael Boucher knows it’s me. If it weren’t because I have his son with me, he would have made a move on me long ago.”

The man in black looked at him. “Then let’s just kill those two. Anyway, the Bouchers and the Chases won’t know about it.”

Tony’s expression looked ruthless. “No, we have to keep Yael’s son with us. As for Michael’s daughter, just tell them to get rid


He sneered. “We’ll beat the dog before the lion. I shall do everything they think I don’t have the balls to do. I’m not afraid of Michael even if his daughter is dead. Even if he were to go to Yael after that, Yael will be afraid of me and dare not act rashly.”

‘Yael won’t help Michael out as long as he still cares about his son. The separation between the Chases and the Bouchers is what I want to see the most.’

A few men in black broke into the room, and Barbara and Helios were woken up by the sudden noise. The first thing that caught their attention in an instant was those guards rushing toward Barbara and dragging her away.

Helios stood up. “What are you trying to do!?”

“What are we trying to do?” One of the men in black said with a vicious smirk, “I advise you not to meddle in our business. Mr.

Grant wants you to live, so all you need to do is wait for your father to save you.”

Seeing that they were about to take Barbara away, Helios grabbed onto her and said, “Let go of her!”

“Douchebag, are you looking for a beating?”

A man in black raised his fist and was about to punch Helios. But Helios dodged it, grabbed his wrist, and kicked him in the abdomen.

The man in black fell to the ground.

The other men pushed Barbara aside and attacked Helios together.

Barbara was so frightened that her face paled. Helios fought with them, but how could he withstand those thugs?

He was soon overwhelmed by the men.

Seeing those bodyguards laying their fingers and going all out on Helios, Barbara yelled, “Stop hitting him!”

She ran straight over and tackled one of the men who was about to lift his foot but got slapped by another man and fell to the floor.

As Helios helped her up, he noticed blood oozing out of the corner of her lips and glared at those people gloomily.

“You presumptuous mongrels! You dare to fight back while on our territory?” The man spat a mouthful of blood on the ground and waved at the other men in black. “Take this b*tch away.”

Helios’ eyes looked cold as he dragged her behind him. “Don’t you dare touch her!” “Brat, are you trying to save the damsel in distress? It’s a pity that it’s already too late. I advise you to cherish your life. As for this woman…”

The man in black rubbed his chin as if he had thought of something and sneered.” She’s going to die, anyway. Let us enjoy her to the fullest before she dies. After all, we’ve never gotten our hands on any of those socialites yet.” Barbara was stunned and froze in place. Her pupils dilated and constricted slightly, and she could not help but tremble.

The two bodyguards held Helios down while he tried his best to resist as he witnessed Barbara being dragged away.

He growled, “Let her go!”

He broke free from the bodyguards, but one of them grabbed him in a neck lock from behind. He immediately turned the opponent’s arm around and flung him to the floor.

Several other men rushed up to hold him down. He got up again but got punched in the abdomen.

Helios crawled on the floor in a daze, and one of the men stomped on his back and got the others to work together to subdue him on the ground.

“Helios-” Barbara screamed hysterically as the man behind her grabbed her by her hair, pushed her down in an instant, and ripped her clothes apart.


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