The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 835

Chapter 835

Barbara yelled and swung her arms around frantically. The man raised his hand, slapped her twice, and cursed, “You feking b*tch! Do you want to end up like him?”

Two to three men stepped forward and pressed her against the floor, and Barbara was trapped under them, crying in despair.

The veins on the back of Helios’ clenched fist bulged, and he exhausted all his remaining strength to break free of his captors and rush toward those three men.

He knocked down those men. But before he could adjust his posture and regain balance, he was immediately punched in the cheek by the opponent.

However, as he was falling to the floor, he propped his hands on Barbara’s sides and covered her with his body. Even though he was being hit on the back multiple times, he would not budge in order to protect her.

“You’re quite a tenacious and stubborn one, aren’t you? Do you still want to play the hero?”

Several men kicked him vigorously and repetitively. Helios took the beating without making any noise, but the bruises on his face became clearly visible as the blood was drained from his cheeks. And blood could be seen overflowing from the corners of his lips.

Barbara’s pupils constricted, and her heart trembled each time she saw the blows land on his back.

Tears rolled from the corners of her eyes as she shook her head and squeezed a few words out of her throat. “Just let them have me…

“I can’t just ignore you and leave you to them,” Helios said while gritting his teeth. The blue veins on his forehead could be seen clearly, and he struggled to stay above her until the last moment when a sudden and heavy blow made him fall onto Barbara.

Barbara saw a man lift a bat and pushed Helios away with every fiber of her being, while the bat hit her back, causing her to groan in


Helios gradually lost consciousness-the last scene that he remembered was Barbara blocking a bat for him.

Several bodyguards pulled Barbara away from Helios. At that moment, Helios was still grasping her hand tightly. His voice was weak, but it sounded fierce. “Don’t you dare touch her…”

The man was about to hit Helios when Barbara grabbed the hem of his trousers and begged as tears gushed out of the corners of her eyes, “Don’t hit him, I beg you. I’ll go with you…”

The man grabbed her by her long hair, picked her up, forced her to look up, and clicked his tongue. “Those who don’t know might even think that you two are a couple. Wouldn’t everything turn out better if the two of you were to let us have it our way?”

Barbara shuddered.

She stared at Helios with her profound gaze. He was lying on the floor, unable to move. She then glanced at the hand that was still holding onto her, and a tear rolled down her cheek.

“How can someone like me be worthy of someone sacrificing their lives in order to save mine?’ “Helios Boucher, thank you,” she murmured with a smile, broke free from his grasp, got up, and left with those men.

“No…” Helios raised his hand slowly but lost consciousness before he could finish the sentence.

In another warehouse, several men were waiting excitedly outside a door. An older man who came at this moment looked at them. “What are you still doing here? Mr. Grant asked me to come and check with you guys. Have you dealt with that woman?”

One of the men stepped forward. “Mr.

Sanchez, don’t worry, leave it to us. We’re already dealing with her.”

Leonard took a glance at the closed warehouse, frowned, but did not want to go into the details. “I don’t care about what you’re planning to do. Alll ask is that you be more cautious when dealing with the woman and find a place to bury the body.”

The man nodded repetitively. “Yes, sir. Of course, sir.”

After Leonard left, the men waiting outside the door got a little impatient. “Why is that sh*tsack taking so long? How long do we have to wait?”

“Yeah, I don’t remember seeing him last this long. Did he take any pill before going inside?” One of the men placed his ear against the door and realized something strange. “No…

I don’t hear sh*t inside!”

All those men broke into the room, only to be shocked to find that the two of them had disappeared. A secret door that was blocked by random items lying around in the room led to an exit on the outside. The man in black brought Barbara along, and they were walking in a dark and narrow passage, lighting their way with a flashlight.


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