The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 836

Chapter 836

Barbara followed. “Who are you? Why did you save me?”

The man in black answered, “Mr. Summer sent me to stay close to Mr. Grant. He was the one who asked me to save you.”

He was an undercover agent tasked to stay close to Tony Grant.

Tony had sent a few of them to get rid of Barbara, but they had other plans.

He was trying hard to play along so that they didn’t suspect anything.

He was the one who had suggested bringing Barbara to the warehouse because there was a hidden passage there.

“Who is Mr. Summer?” She didn’t know a Mr. Summer.

“You don’t need to know that just yet. We need to get out of here.”

Barbara held him back. “But they still have Helios.”

“Ms. Chase, Mr. Grant isn’t going to do anything to Mr. Boucher. He was planning to make you an example.”

The man pulled her by the wrist and looked serious. “They’ll realize you’re gone if we don’t leave.” The two of them walked through the hidden passage, but soon after they got out, a few cars immediately blocked the end of the alley they were in.

Tony got out of the car with a few men.

The man in black’s expression changed, and he stood in front of Barbara to protect her. “Mr. Grant.”

Tony scoffed. “Good job, Leon. You’ve been working for me for so many years. How could you betray me?”

Leon gnashed his teeth but didn’t say anything.

“I don’t care who you’re working for,

Neither of you is getting away today.” Tony took a cigarette out of the packet, put it to his lips, and lit it with a lighter.

The flame danced, and after the smoke cleared, Tony’s fierce eyes flashed. “Grab them.”

The few men rushed forward while Leon pushed Barbara aside. He took out a dagger attached to his belt and started fighting them.

Barbara backed up while trembling, but there was a wall behind her. There was no way out.

The few men fought well, so Leon was quickly subdued and tackled to the ground.

One of the men grabbed him by the hair and made him look up at Tony.

Tony walked over with the cigarette between his lips and stood in front of him.” I’ve been good to you, Leon. Since you’ve been working for me for so long, I’ll give you a chance. Tell me, who are you working for?”

Leon didn’t make a sound.

Tony laughed dryly. “Such a good dog. That’s why I didn’t manage to train you even after so many years.”

He pressed the cigarette against Leon’s forehead. At that moment, Leon groaned loudly while he bit down, the veins in his neck popping and all his muscles trembling.

A bloody hole appeared on his forehead, and there was the smell of burnt flesh. His flesh was bloody.

Tony tossed the cigarette butt away and signaled at them to let him go. Leon collapsed to the ground, with no energy left.

Tony pushed his chin up with the tip of his shoe and looked down at him. “Leon, I respect that you’re a good man, but you can’t blame me if you choose not to talk.”

He got the men to bring Barbara over.

Two men grabbed her, dragged her in front of Tony, and shoved her. She lost her balance and fell next to his feet. Leon and Barbara’s hands were tied up as they were brought into the woods with guns pointed at their heads. They were dragged to two freshly dug graves.

Barbara trembled when she looked back at Tony, who was approaching. “Aren’t you afraid that people will find out about this?”

He laughed. “Of course, so… only dead men tell no tales.”

Barbara’s face turned pale as a sheet. She knew that they weren’t going to escape, but she wasn’t willing to just die.


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