The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 837

Chapter 837

The gun was pointed at Barbara’s head. She held her breath, and her blood froze while she closed her eyes tight.

Tony was going to give the order when Leon said, “Kill me first.”

Tony looked at him. “Haha, do you think you’re going to buy her some time? You’ll go together. Do it.” Two bodyguards cocked their guns and pointed them at the same time.

“Mr. Grant!”

Mr. Sanchez’s voice came from not too far away. Then he appeared, running. “Don’t shoot!”

Leon took the chance when the people were distracted and tackled them.

The sound of a gunshot echoed through the woods.

Barbara saw Leon getting shot and collapsing to the ground, and her throat started drying up. Tony immediately looked back and noticed Mr. Sanchez had turned pale. “No…” Tony reacted quickly and yelled, “Run!”

The police followed the sound of the gunshot and surrounded them when a few men in black covered Tony so he could escape. “Save the hostage!” One of the officers noticed Barbara and rushed toward her. Barbara was untied. She looked at Leon, who had been shot in front of her, fell to her knees, and cried her heart out.

A policewoman helped her up and consoled her.

On the other side, Yael got out of the car, and when he saw Helios carried out of the house, he rushed forward. “Helios!” Helios slowly opened his eyes, and in a daze, he could see his father looking worried. “Dad… S-save her.” Yael knew what he meant. He held onto Helios’ hand, trembling as though he had aged a decade. “Don’t worry, you’ll be fine. We’re here to save you. Hang in there!”

Helios lost consciousness.

A few days later….

The police sent out a warrant for Tony Grant’s arrest. Yael submitted evidence that showed Tony Grant’s smuggling and murder cases, and the higher-ups ordered them to run a thorough investigation and take in all of Tony’s men.

Michael Chase and Yael Boucher’s opponent, Joseph Chambers, transferred millions of dollars into an offshore account to avoid being linked to Tony Grant and Peter Zhivkov. Unfortunately, Yael held too much evidence, so he tore Joseph apart, which caused him to be removed from his position and sent to jail for investigation. A gust of wind passed through the Blue Jacaranda trees in the hospital’s garden and caused a rain of blue petals, forming a natural carpet of flowers, beautiful and serene. Barbara sat on her bed and looked out at the bright blue color, her thoughts far away.

Maisie stood outside her room with a bouquet of flowers, then knocked.

Barbara looked back at her, and her voice sounded coarse. “You’re here.”

Maisie put the flowers into a vase and stood next to the bed. “How are you feeling?”

Barbara smiled and looked down. “Alright…” Maisie sat down and put her hand on Barbara’s. “I’m glad you’re both fine.” Barbara’s eyes moved, all the danger and adrenaline still fresh in her mind. “Yes, I almost died.” Something came to her mind, “How’s Helios?” She remembered that he was hurt worse than her, and it was because of her, so she felt guilty.

Maisie smiled. “He’s fine. Nothing serious, they’re all just flesh wounds.”

Barbara was silent. Maisie stood up slowly, “You can go visit him if you’re worried.” Barbara walked to the next room with Maisie and stood outside. Nolan and the Bouchers were there.


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