The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 839

Chapter 839

“Helios,” Ryleigh walked toward him,” You’re getting discharged too?” Helios paused, turned to look at Barbara and Maisie, then turned around again. “I wasn’t too badly hurt, and I have work to finish.” Maisie looked at Barbara, who was quiet, bowed, and nudged her with her shoulder,” What’s wrong?”.

Barbara was curious. “What do you mean?”

“Aren’t you going to say hi?” Maisie squinted. Why did they become distant after being in the hospital together? Barbara’s eyes moved around. She had never gone to see Helios again after that day. She appreciated Helios’ attempt at saving her while disregarding his own safety. She was definitely moved.

If someone had protected her when the incident with Eric happened, she might just have married that person.

But after what Helios had said, she didn’t know how to face him.

The man was willing to sacrifice himself to save her and wanted to take responsibility because he thought she had been assaulted because of him. All that did touch her heart.

However, all that wasn’t love. It was just spending time together so that there was less guilt.

Barbara composed her emotions, raised her head, and smiled. “We see each other every day. There’s no need to greet him.”

Maisie crossed her arms. “Is that true?” After Ryleigh was done with the paperwork, she walked toward them and handed the medical records to Barbara. “We’re done!” “Thanks.” Barbara put the records away and placed her arm on her shoulder. “I need to go home now. I’ll buy dinner one day.”

Barbara left before them.

Ryleigh watched her walk away and elbowed Maisie’s arm. “Zee, don’t you think Barbara and my cousin would make a great couple?”

Maisie looked at her. “What do you think?”

She smiled. “I think so.” “They’re a good match.” Maisie hugged her shoulder and sighed. “But we can’t force them together.”

Ryleigh understood and sighed too. “My cousin isn’t exactly young anymore. My aunt and uncle are getting anxious.” Maisie took her arm back and chuckled, ” It’s all up to fate.”

When Maizie got back to Soul, Saydie walked toward her. “Ma’am, Maizie Hannigan has been released.” Maisie stopped in her tracks and turned to look at her. “Released?” Saydie nodded. “She convinced the police that she could help them arrest Tony Grant and provided some evidence. She was sincere and is pregnant, so the police decided to give her a chance.” Maisie squinted.

Maizie was really pregnant? She thought she was lying.

Saydie suddenly asked, “By the way, don’t you plan to tell Ms. Chase about what you promised lan Summer?” Maisie smiled. “After tonight.” Maizie got home and sent a message to her godfather, Tony Grant, after taking a shower. If she could trick him into showing up, she

could get a break from the police.

She knew that Tony had another number, and very few people other than her knew about it.

Unsurprisingly, Tony replied to her. Since he didn’t know that the police had arrested her, he didn’t suspect a thing.

She then called Officer Zaleski. “Tony Grant has replied to my message. What should I do next?”

Officer Zaleski said something, and Maizie fully cooperated and even offered to get tickets for a ship at 2:00p.m. the next day to help him escape with her own name.


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