The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 840

Chapter 840

Maizie sent the message to Officer Zaleski and happily looked at her phone screen.

“Do you think you can send me to jail just by providing some voice recording, Maisie?”. Hah, didn’t she get out in the end? She was going to remember this.

That night…

Barbara went to see the manager and the owner of the Glitz Club but was told that neither of them was there.

She left the club, but it suddenly started pouring. It was a cold, rainy night, and she stood under the roof outside, staring at the cars passing by on the streets.

The red and green lights stood lonelily in the rain, and the light was reflected in the puddles on the floor.

A black car parked not far away with the back window rolled halfway down. A bespectacled man was hidden in the shadows.

The driver looked at him. “Sir, isn’t that Ms. Chase?”

lan looked back. “Call someone to hand her an umbrella, but don’t say it’s from me.”

Barbara wanted to leave when the rain stopped, but a server walked over to her with a black umbrella in hand. “Ms. Chase.’

She turned around, and the server handed the umbrella to her. “The rain is pouring, you can have this.”

Barbara was stunned, but he had already put the umbrella in her hand. He turned around, and she called out to him, “How did you know that I was standing outside?” The server couldn’t tell her that his boss had told him to do that, so instead, he said,” Since you just walked out and I heard the rain start , I thought you wouldn’t have gone far, so I came out to take a look.”

Barbara fell silent.

After the server went back in, she looked at the black umbrella in her hand and felt that it was too much of a coincidence.

She stepped into the rain with the umbrella, and when she walked past the black car, the person in the car looked down and sent a message, then blocked that number.

He then looked up, “Drive.”

The car drove away from the person walking behind, moving further and further away.

Barbara stopped in her tracks, took out her phone, and saw a message. She stared at it for a long time before she suddenly ran back.

The server was making a drink behind the bar when he saw her rush in. “Where’s your boss?”

He was stunned upon seeing her face and sleeves wet with rainwater. “Ms. Chase, why-‘

She immediately repeated, “I asked you, where is your boss?”

The server didn’t want to argue, so he said,” He sold the club to a woman a few days ago and said he would leave the country. He got the manager to get the paperwork done and never returned.”

Barbara was a little out of it, and her throat felt dry, “What is… your boss’ name?’

The server scratched his head. “Honestly, I don’t know his real name, but we know that his surname is Summer from Asperia.”

‘Summer… Could it be?’

Barbara read the message again and tried to recall everything she knew, including how Katrina had tried to frame her.

‘So was it really him? lan Summer…’

A few servers suddenly looked toward the door when a woman walked in with four bodyguards. She had her jacket on her arm.

The few servers smiled and looked at her. “Welcome, ma’am.”

Barbara looked at Maisie, who was approaching. Her face, which was still dripping with rainwater, looked shocked.”

You’re the new owner of the club?”


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