The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 841

Chapter 841

Maisie placed her hands on Barbara’s shoulders and said, “Let’s go upstairs and talk.”

It was only then Barbara came around to her senses and followed Maisie and Baydie into the elevator. The decoration and items in the office on the fifth level remained the same. It seemed as if nothing had happened before.

Barbara stood in front of the office and only snapped out of her trance when Maisie called her. She stepped into the office and sat on the couch.

Saydie closed the door and waited outside with the bodyguards.

Maisie took the cup from the table and said, “When you went missing that day, I came to look for you at the club. Mr.

Summer received me. He gave me a clue, and he wanted me to do him a favor,”

Barbara’s hands on her lap clutched tightly. “Why didn’t you tell me at the hospital?”

“I’m sorry, Barbara. I promised Mr. Summer that I would only tell you after taking over Glitz,” Maisie replied as she lowered her head. “Mr. Summer knows that you might not want to see him.”


Barbara’s shoulders were shaking as she tried her best to suppress her emotions. “He has been following my life as a mysterious stranger. He told me everything that Katrina was doing, answered all of my demands, yet he refuses to see me and keeps making these kinds of pointless compensations?”

Maisie did not expect that Barbara would react so vigorously when she mentioned “Mr. Summer,” otherwise known as lan Summer. It seemed to her that they were more than just acquaintances.

‘Could it be that……

Seeing that Barbara was crying, Maisie took a tissue paper and walked up to her. She handed the tissue paper to her and said, “If you want to cry, then cry. There are only the two of us here. The people downstairs won’t be able to hear you no matter how loud you cry.”

Barbara couldn’t hold herself anymore and cried out loud after hearing what Maisie said. Maisie did not interrupt. After all, crying was one of the best remedies when one was depressed and on the verge of a breakdown.

Barbara felt a lot better after she cried. She smiled at Maisie and squinted her swollen eyes into a fine line. “Do I look ugly now?” Maisie chuckled. “Nope. You’re as beautiful as always even after you cried.”

“I’m sorry for making a fool of myself in front of you,’ Barbara said, offering Maisie a n embarrassing smile. “I thought I would never shed a tear in front of anyone in my life.”

Barbara told Maisie that she had hated lan. If lan had been willing to save her back then, she might not have needed to go through hell.

She hated lan not all because he had refused to save her, but because he was the man she had wanted to marry the most back then.

She looked up to lan, and he was the only man she had fallen for. However, she had thoroughly been disappointed when he turned a blind eye toward everything that had befallen her back then.

Barbara rested her head on Maisie’s shoulder and said with a trembling voice,” Eric nearly destroyed me. Although I killed him in the end , I became a monster. I don’t want anything anymore, but why… Why he

Maisie patted her back gently and looked at the wall. “Has it ever crossed your mind that it was a misunderstanding that he didn’t save


Barbara was stunned.

Maisie took a deep breath, helped her to sit straight, and said, “The private room was too dark back then. He didn’t know it was you, not to mention that Katrina was distracting him and taking him away to another place. He missed the opportunity to save you because he was in a hurry to find you.”

Barbara’s shoulders shook.

Her memory went back to the year when she had been calling for help in the private room after Eric had a few men pin her down and pour wine into her mouth. She had even cried out in her heart, praying that if someone could come to her rescue, no matter which man it was, she would marry him.

When lan had appeared at the door, her heart shook, and she saw her hope.

However, lan had just glanced at her and left hurriedly.


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