The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 842

Chapter 842

At that time, she had felt her world had crumbled, and she had had a hard time breathing.

That night, no one had come to her rescue. She had become a “sinner” and had fallen from heaven to hell.

Maisie sighed. “He knew something had happened to you, but it was only on the second day that he found it was you in the private room that night. So… He doesn’t dare to show up in front of you. He knows how you see him, and he knows you probably hate him.”

Barbara sat on the couch in a trance. She felt as if there was a hole in her heart.

“He couldn’t bring himself to appear before you, so he could only contact you through phones. He knew you wanted to get revenge, so he guided you against Katrina. He gave you help as a stranger, and that’s all he could do for you.”

Maisie turned her head around to look at her. “He had been on an undercover mission back then. He had long been aware of the deal between Tony and Peter. He had approached you to investigate Tony through Eric since Tony was his uncle.

Honestly, he knew how you felt about him, but he couldn’t reciprocate to you since he might die at any time due to his status as an undercover agent.

“He had been in deep regret after what happened to you. He said that it wasn’t because he didn’t want to save the girl in the private room. It was because he was an undercover agent, and he mustn’t get busted. However, he also said that if he had known that the girl was you, he would have done everything he could to save you.’

When lan had been unable to find Barbara, he returned to the private room, but there was no one there anymore. He only learned about Barbara’s news the next day.

He still regretted it and loathed himself. After that, Barbara had changed her name and gone overseas. He had gone into hiding and established the Glitz Club. He had also helped the Chases a lot from the dark.

He was also the one who had helped Barbara’s father when he raided Peter’s bath center.

“He hired Katrina and forced her to serve others with her body to humiliate her. It was his plan for her to get close to Peter, but Katrina refused to comply with his plan. She attempted to break herself free from Glitz through Peter, and she even exposed your story to the media.”

That was why he had made Katrina go through what Barbara went through back then. However, it was even crueler than what had happened to Barbara.

After her uncle’s accident, lan refused to let her get involved in the matter because he did not want her to get hurt. However, Tony still got her in the end. Fortunately, he had planted an undercover agent around Tony, and thus the police were able to find their location.

Besides, it was also him who had caught Peter’s son, distracted other people, and bought time for Yael and the police.

Barbara cried out again, feeble and full of regret. Just because of a wrong judgment, she lived in the dark while he lived in guilt.

She had recognized him only when he called her “Elie” instead of “Ms. Chase” in the text message. It was also because he had changed his way of addressing her that evoked the deepest memory in her heart, a past that she had forgotten.

At the Blue Bay villa…

The rain fell on the window, leaving water trails on the windowpane. The house’s interior was filled with warm yellow light from the floor lamp. Nolan was sitting in his chair with his eyes closed. He seemed to be sleeping, but the document in his hands still remained open. There was a light glow around his handsome face.

Maisie tiptoed up to him and took the document from his hand gently. She closed it up and put it on the desk quietly. Just when she was about to get the jacket on the chair, Nolan stretched his arms and grabbed her into his arms. He opened his eyes, and Maisie could see anger in them. However, he suppressed his anger and said, “You’ve become naughty, Zee. Why did you come back so late, huh?”.


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