The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 844

Chapter 844

Seeing that Maisie had fallen silent, Louis popped a piece of meat into his mouth and said with a smile, “Do you know there is something known as the best husband material’ going on in the city lately? Do you know who started it?”

Maisie looked at him in confusion. Louis chuckled and continued. “It’s Mr. Goldmann. Some women even demand their partners to love and dote on them like how Mr. Goldmann dotes on his wife.” Maisie put her hand to her forehead and smiled awkwardly, “Seriously?”

“Yes. It’s not an exaggeration to say that Mr. Goldmann is the most desirable man in Bassburgh. All socialites in Bassburgh are hoping that he will get a divorce as soon as possible. As your cousin and your best friend’s fiance, I shall remind you that you should watch out for it.”

Maisie sat upright and replied, “What? Who do they think deserves my husband?”


There was no way she would allow something like that to happen. If she really broke up with Nolan, wouldn’t that give those women a chance? No! She would never let that happen.

She had not let go of Nolan in the past, so she would definitely not let go of him right now. She grabbed her purse and stormed out of the restaurant. Louis looked at her back and chuckled. He did not know about a certain man, but he definitely was not going to be dominated by a woman.

He pulled his phone out and made a call to Ryleigh. He wondered if she had her breakfast or not and what she would like to eat if she had not.

[Good Dawghter: I’m on a diet!) (Louis: You’re so thin that you’re basically flat-chested, and you still want to go on a diet?] [Good Dawghter: Get lost!) He waved at the waiter and ordered some food for Ryleigh.

At Blackgold…

After Nolan had finished his meeting with his client, he came out of the meeting room with Quincy and the group of executives.

He had an upright posture as he walked amongst the crowd. His deep blue suit wrapped around his body as fit as a glove. His gaze was deep, and he was both handsome and elegant under the shower of the white light.

When a group of female staff saw him walking past them, they grabbed their phones excitedly and exclaimed, “Ah! It’s such a shame that Mr. Goldmann is married!”

“Although I like the story between Mr. Goldmann and Helios very much, I love how Mr. Goldmann spoils his wife too!” “After seeing Mr. Goldmann, I just want to get a divorce. I can’t stand looking at my husband at home anymore.” “Wake up. The sun is still up. You should probably stop dreaming now.”

Quincy was walking beside Nolan as both of them were heading toward the administrative department. He took a look at Nolan, who seemed unusually quiet today, and asked, “Mr. Goldmann, did you not sleep well last night?”

Nolan raised his hand to loosen his tie and said begrudgingly. “It’s not that I didn’t sleep well, I didn’t sleep last night.”

Quincy replied, “I knew it…” He paused for a moment before continuing. “You’re just mad at Ms. Vanderbilt for not telling you, right? But it’s such a small matter. I think it’s fine as long as she explains it to you.’

Nolan did not say anything,

He did not need an explanation. He just wanted her to reflect on her own mistake

He was fine with her going to Glitz alone, but how could she not discuss with him about taking over Glitz? Was he dead?

Would she have kept him in the dark forever if he had not asked? It seemed to him that this woman didn’t give a d*mn about him, and she was just treating him a s if he was invisible!

As soon as they stepped into the office, they saw Maisie was standing in front of the desk, waiting for them. She was wearing a long purplish red dress that accentuated her great body figure. There was a pearl hair clip on the top of her ear, which made her look more charming and sweet.

Quincy knew they were going to talk, so he went out of the office and closed the door.

Maisie turned around and looked at Nolan. Her eyes were misted over as if she would cry, and it struck at the soft spot deep in Nolan’s heart.

She just stood there and looked at Nolan pitifully. A drop of tear dangled at the corner of her eyes as she said, “Are you not

going to talk to me anymore?”


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