The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 846

Chapter 846

Maisie stretched out her arms, wrapped them around Nolan’s neck, and laughed out loud suddenly. “Nolan, I told you a secret of mine when you lost your memory.”

He stared at her. “And what’s that?”

Her eyelashes were wet from the tears, and she kissed him. “I love you very much, Nolan Goldmann.”

She found out that she loved him more than she had ever thought three years ago, back when he had given his life to block the bullet for


Nolan was astonished. He closed his eyes and clasped the back of her head with his hand to intensify the kiss.

Ryleigh walked back from the classroom to the office, and most of the students that she met along the way addressed her as ” Mrs. Lucas” instead of “Ms. Hill” when they ran into her.

The whole academy knows that I’m Louis’s fiancee now!

She returned to the office in a hurry and saw many meals brought straight to her desk from Michelin-starred restaurants.

Several professors looked at her enviously. “Ms. Hill, Mr. Lucas really treats you so well.”

“Yeah, you’ll get lunch every day if not breakfast. He’s such a considerate man.” Ryleigh took a deep breath, picked up all the food on her desk, and walked out of the office.

Those professors looked at each other in dismay, then suppressed their idolizing expressions after she had left. “Didn’t she get hired here only because she’s Mr. Lucas’ fiancee? So what’s with that arrogant attitude?” “What can you do about that? Allow me to hit you with the truth. You’re nowhere near as lucky as she is when it comes to choosing which family to be born in, which then leads to her being able to get married to the Lucases.” “She’s about to get married into a wealthy family, so why not stay at home and take care of her husband and future kids? Why must she come out here to compete with us for a job? I guess she’s mostly here just to show off.” Ryleigh brought the food into Louis’ office, and there was no one else in the room except him. She piled all the meals on his desk. “Louis Lucas, don’t bring me any more breakfast or lunch meals in the future.” Louis leaned into his chair and flipped through a book. He raised his eyelids languidly upon hearing this and glanced at her. “Someone is bad-mouthing you behind your back.” “You know that too?” Ryleigh actually knew that her colleagues in the office did not like her. “Since you know that, stop bringing me all these in the future. I don’t want others to think that I got here because of my relationship with you.

Louis closed the book. “Then did you get here because of that?”

Ryleigh was extremely annoyed. “Of course


Louis then placed the book on the desk. ” That’s it.”

She choked for a split second and stomped her feet. “Then just take it as I don’t wish for others to gossip about me anymore, so why can’t you,”

Louis stood up, and she retracted her neck backward in fright. “What are you doing?”

He raised his hand, pinched her chin, and said word by word, “Why do you care about other people’s opinions?”

“l-I don’t care about those, but the way they stare makes me feel uncomfortable,” she replied in a stern voice.

“Ryleigh Hill, you have the skills. Others are talking about you only because they’re jealous of you.” He put his lips next to her cheek and whispered into her ear, “Or are you telling me that you’re really the Ryleigh Hill that others think you are?”

Ryleigh was astounded and froze in place for a split second.

What he just said makes sense.’ He then pinched her cheek. “What a cute little idiot.”

Ryleigh flung his hand away and stood on tiptoe because of her disadvantage in the height department. “Who are you calling an idiot?”

He chuckled. “Whoever responds is the idiot.”

She choked on her own words. “You-”

ΠαμιεΙ υυ

“What about me?” Louis raised his eyebrows with interest. “Isn’t it true? You’re my fiancee, and that’s a fact. Anything that

I give you is between us. The jealousy that others feel is their problem, and none of that is your business. If all you do when others comment on you behind your back is always take a step backward, then you might as well resign now and go back to being the young lady of the Hills.”

Ryleigh stopped talking.

She could not refute anything that he said.

And her stomach chose to fail her at that exact moment by letting off a growl due to the hunger, and she lowered her head in embarrassment.

Louis propped his chin against one hand and sat on the side while watching Ryleigh shoving all the food into her mouth.


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