The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 847

Chapter 847

Ryleigh gobbled all the food and left a lot of crumbs and sauces around her mouth, completely disregarding her image. Her mouth kept moving as she let off loud chewing noises as if she was a small hamster.

Louis squinted slightly,

She mowed down all the food and beverages and then gave off a burp. “I’ve finally resurrected.”

Louis took out a tissue and wiped the oil stains off the corner of her lips for her.” Tsk, can’t you eat like an adult? You have stains all over your mouth.”

He was obviously disgusted, but what he did contradicted what he said.

Ryleigh snatched the tissue from his hand. “Are you disgusted by my table manners? But there’s nothing you can do. If you don’t like it, you can always go back to Ms. Mayweather, that elegant ex-girlfriend of yours.” Louis raised his eyebrows. “You’re always mentioning her, are you jealous of her?” Ryleigh stood up and smiled. “I don’t like being jealous of others.”

She walked to the door.

Louis raised his voice and stopped her.

Ryleigh turned around and was about to ask something when he got up, dashed toward her, stretched out his long arms, and took her into his arms.

She was forced to lift her head, and her pupils constricted as his face came so close that it was blurred. Then, all she felt was a warm sensation on her lips.

Everything became more and more real as she gradually returned to her senses.

Ryleigh’s eyelashes trembled, and she pushed against his chest while she was almost running out of breath.

Louis let go of her, saw her blushing cheeks, and smiled. She reacted and pressed the back of her hand against her lips. “W-What was that?!”

He replied, “A kiss.”

Ryleigh was astonished, and her mind was still blank. “How could you…”

Why would he kiss me?’

Louis stared into her soul. “I’ve been wanting to do this for a long time.”

Ryleigh was shocked.

At Soul..

Maisie frowned when she saw the news of Tony’s arrest.

It seems that Maizie has indeed cooperated with the police and assisted them in Tony’s arrest.’ A female employee knocked on the door at this moment, and Maisie raised her head.” Come in.”

The clerk came in. “Ms. Vanderbilt, something came up, and Mr. Kennedy has applied for a leave. He asked me to report this to you.”

“Okay, did he tell you the reason?” Maisie asked.

The clerk shook her head. “No, he answered a phone call and then went out in a hurry. He only asked me to inform you about that.”

Maisie nodded.

After the female employee went back out, Maisie leaned back into her chair.

I’ve yet to find a suitable person to take over Glitz. And if I were to transfer it to someone else casually, it might ruin the business or get it seized because of certain involvement in crimes. How am I going to explain that to Mr. Summer if that’s the case? :

“Am I left with only an option, and that is to go to my omnipotent husband for help?’

Maisie took out her cell phone and tapped into the WhatsApp chatbox that she shared with Nolan.

(Hubby”] Nolan seemed to be on his phone at the time the message got through and replied within seconds.


Lidpler 047

Maisie wrote something, deleted parts of it, wrote something else, deleted some again, and sent a series of long messages at the end. The summary of all the messages was to ask him if he knew someone suitable that could take over the club. She then lay on the desk and waited anxiously.

Soon, she got a reply from Nolan.


Maisie was dumbfounded. “He’s planning to get Helios to take ownership of a club? Is that even okay?’

Maisie struggled for a moment, and Nolan sent her a screenshot of his chat with

Helios that he had taken earlier after a short while.

[Helios: What kind of club is that?)

[Nolan: It’s a legal establishment, do you want it or not?]

[Helios: Why are you throwing everything at me, including all sorts of pieces of trash? Do I look like I’ve lost my mind?]

[Nolan: It’s the Glitz Club. Even your father goes there, so does that mean that your father is also a piece of trash?]


[Helios: I’ll think about it.)

Maisie was rendered speechless.

Two days later, nobody knew what Nolan had done, but he had managed to get Helios to take over the Glitz Club.

However, Helios did not want others to know his identity, so he chose to remain anonymous and took over the club as “Mr. Hell”.

Maisie arranged for Saydie to be one of the shareholders of the club.

Saydie looked at her in surprise. “Ma’am, l… I’m not that good when it comes to running a business.”


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