The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 849

Chapter 849

Richard put down his cup heavily and said earnestly, “Nathaniel Hannigan is asking us for an explanation. If this is true, and the child Maizie Hannigan is pregnant with indeed belongs to the Bouchers, we can only make Francisco marry her.”

Francisco happened to overhear his grandfather telling his father that he wanted him to marry Maizie from upstairs and rushed downstairs immediately to object. “You want me to marry Maizie Hannigan? Why should I? I won’t marry her!”


Richard pointed at him furiously. “Isn’t this because of the mess that you made out there? That girl is now pregnant with your baby!”

Francisco was astonished. “What baby?” “You! How dare you play dumb in front of me? Francisco Boucher, what have you learned throughout all those years when I left you in the training camp? One of you is the father, while the other is the son. You two are indeed cast in the same mold. Both of you have a thing for sleeping with random women, don’t you?

“And you don’t even know how to cover your *sses when you’re doing so. Now that the girl is pregnant with your kid, you’re refusing to take accountability for your actions? Do you want everyone in Bassburgh to make a laughingstock of the Bouchers?”

Richard was extremely livid, and Eugene, standing next to him, could not even utter a single word when he got embroiled in his father’s comment.

Francisco frowned. “How could it be possible for her to get pregnant? I didn’t even-”

“I’ll ask you this once. Have you ever slept with her!?” Richard asked and slammed the desk. The whole desk shook.

Francisco was nervous. “I… Grandfather, I lost consciousness the other night. But I swear that I certainly didn’t sleep with her.”

I’m certain of that. Because even if I was drunk and had done something promiscuous, it’s impossible for me to have no memory at all, right?

‘Something was definitely wrong with the wine that I drank that night. I didn’t even have too much, and I had already lost consciousness . Maizie’s pregnancy has nothing to do with me, that’s for sure!’

Richard’s face paled. “Enough! If she is not pregnant with your child, would they dare to come and hold you responsible?” “Grandfather, I really-”

“Francisco, Maizie is an innocent girl, anyway. She was rejected by your cousin back then, and she’s pregnant with your child now. No matter what your marriage with her has been decided.”

Richard used the cane to stand up, and Eugene walked him away.

Francisco froze in place. He then clenched his hands into fists as he felt more and more powerless.

Everyone in “The Single Ladies of Bassburgh” group chat had already learned about Maizie’s pregnancy within a few days. To their surprise, some of them said that the child she was pregnant with belonged to Francisco Boucher, the second heir of the Bouchers.

Maisie saw the news by accident when she was going through the messages and was quite shocked.

[Ryleigh: Since when did Maizie and Francisco get together?]

(Jenny Weiner: That’s huge!

(Barbara C: Hehe…]

Barbara only sent a short “hehe” and ended her message with a rolled eyes emoji. That was it.

Others might not think that there was any problem, but Maisie could see the implicit message that was hidden behind Barbara’s “hehe” at a glance.

In fact, Maisie and Barbara both knew that Maizie had a godfather named “Tony Grant”.

Tony was not married and had no children, but he had been taking such special care of Maizie, not to mention the hotel suite that he had reserved for her for half a year. He had not even suspected her when she lured him out to the police. Thus, to say that nothing was happening between the two of them was truly unconvincing.

As for why she would say that she was pregnant with Francisco’s child, only the people involved in this matter would know.

Kennedy stood outside the office and knocked on the door, and Maisie lifted her head. “Uncle Kennedy, you’re back.”

He walked into the office. “Yeah, I’m sorry, I took a few days off, causing some work to be delayed.” “It’s okay, but are you in any trouble?”

Maisie could not help but ask him.

He paused for a short while and smiled.”

It’s no big deal.”


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