The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 850

Chapter 850

Seeing that Kennedy did not seem to want to talk about it, Maisie did not force it but handed him a proposal that was lying on her desk. “Xyla Mayweather and Nathan Hayes previously came together as an onscreen couple for an advertising endorsement. Its effect was quite good, so I thought about it. We can hire a more popular on-screen couple to shoot commercials for Soul’s couple jewelry series.”

Kennedy took the proposal from her and skimmed through it. “A popular on-screen couple?”

Maisie smiled. “Celebrity pairing is a commercial marketing method too. If we hire an on-screen couple that is currently on fire on the Internet to help endorse Soul’s couple jewelry series, it will not only satisfy the wishes of their fans but will also boost Soul’s marketing by folds.”

“This is a good idea.” Kennedy nodded, then thought of something and said, “But there are not many on-screen couples on the Internet recently.”

“Didn’t we have one some time ago?” “Some time ago?” Kennedy was slightly startled.

Maisie felt a little embarrassed out of the blue. “It’s, of course, the ‘HeliosxNolan’ onscreen couple that happened between Helios and Nolan.”

She had been thinking about it for a long time.

Kennedy was out of words.

‘She’s planning to hire her own husband and Helios Boucher? Is she actually a fan of this pairing?’

At Royal Crown Entertainment Co…

“The endorsement of Soul’s couple jewelry series?” Helios looked at the proposal and script, raised his head, and stared at Nina. Nina felt a little guilty and smiled awkwardly. “Mrs. Goldmann was the one who called and invited you in person.” She did not dare to say that Mrs. Goldmann had been thinking about his on-screen couple pairing with Mr. Goldmann for a long time!

Helios frowned.

He had recently reduced a lot of activities and events, including a handful of product endorsements. The only project that he had kept was a large-scale historical drama about a conspiracy against the throne. He had even taken the initiative to pick up the role of the general, which he had not tried before, and had declined all modern scripts and roles.

He had put this forward because he was already in his 30s. He would much prefer not to play the leading role in any trendy modern drama anymore, and he was also doing so to give some of the young actors a chance at those dramas.

Nina looked at him cautiously. “Mrs.

Goldmann really hopes that you’ll agree to her proposal.”

“Oh really?” Helios squinted his eyes and asked casually, “A couple jewelry series would need an on-screen couple for its commercial shooting, so who’s the person that she’s found to pair up with me?”

Nina stuck the tip of her tongue out, licked her lips, lowered her gaze, and bit the bullet before uttering two words, “Mr. Goldmann.”

I knew it!

Helios seemed to be giving off a smug expression as if he was a prophet and smirked. “What a foolish idea.”

Nina asked immediately, “So does that mean that it’s a yes from you?”

Helios closed the script and let off an approving expression. “I won’t say no to this project if Nolan has the guts to take it on too.”

Nina thought for a moment.

‘Mr. Boucher and Mr. Goldmann… It will be a pity if this quarrelsome and loving couple doesn’t get together for this project.

‘It’s no wonder Mrs. Goldmann would be a fan of this pairing. Even I want to be in their fandom now!

At Blue Bay villa…

As soon as Nolan stepped through the door, he smelled the fragrance that was wafting out of the kitchen. Maisie was in a pink apron and was bringing the dishes to the table with a wide grin on her face. “Hubby, it’s time to eat.”

Nolan narrowed his eyes and walked up to the dining table. “What’s wrong with you tonight?”

“Why the sudden enthusiasm?’

Maisie took off her apron and hung it on the wall. “Can’t I cook for my husband?”

He laughed out loud. “Of course not.” Maisie went around behind him, pressed on his shoulders, and made him sit down.” I’ll go get you a plate of spaghetti.”

Nolan raised his eyebrows but did not say anything. His eyes shifted from place to place as she moved around in the kitchen, and it looked like he was thinking about something.

Maisie placed the meal in front of him, pulled out the chair, sat right beside him, and blinked. “Hubby, what do you want to eat? I’ll fetch it for you.”

Nolan glanced at her. “I’ll eat whatever you fetch into my plate.”

Maisie put the food onto the plate for him and even delivered it to his mouth. “I’ll feed you.”


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