The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 851

Chapter 851

Nolan raised his hand and held her wrist, then fed her food, looking at her face. “Do you need something?”

Maisie pouted. “Why do you think of me like that?” Even though she really did.

Nolan scoffed. “Why are you being courteous with me?” Maisie leaned in, her red lips inches away from his, her beautiful face looking innocent. “Dear, I want a couple to work together and be spokespeople for my jewelry. What do you think about that?”

Nolan stared at her. “Why are you asking me?”

She pressed her lips together and then put her arms around his neck. “I want to discuss this with you because I don’t want you to be upset about it.”

Nolan pinched her chin, still keeping his eyes on her. “Why would I be upset?”

She gave him puppy eyes, “Because the couple is two men.”

Nollan squinted and realized that something was off, but he didn’t understand.

Maisie turned around and sat on his lap, then pushed her long hair behind her.” Dear, you wouldn’t want your dear wife’s dream to shatter, would you?”

Nolan gulped and agreed with a grunt.

Since when did this elf become so seductive?

Maisie pressed her lips to his cheek and pressed her body to his. “Do you agree to

this then?”

Nolan was under her spell, but his logic was still intact. He chuckled and cupped her face, pushing some of her hair out of her face as though he had seen through her plan. “You’re willing to push me into a trap?”

Maisie choked and punched his chest. “I’m not doing that!”

He smiled. “If you want to pull two men together and are asking me about it, I must be involved in this, no?”

Maisie parted her lips. She was planning to trap him, but why was he so clever?

“Let me guess…” Nolan suddenly pulled her in and nibbled at her neck. “You want me and Helios to work together as your spokespeople

Maisie was rendered speechless.

He smiled. “Cheeky.”

Maisie hugged him, rubbing her head on his neck, “Could you help me just this once?”

Nolan held her and said in a deep voice,” Stop that, or I’ll,”

“What are you going to do?” Maisie teased, but she tried to escape when she noticed the desire in his eyes.

Nolan grabbed her and rained kisses on her. “You rascal, are you trying to miss dinner?”


Maisie was defenseless, so she hugged him tightly.

Neon lights brightened the dark night, mysterious and dreamy, making people lose themselves in the city that never slept. The lights in Glitz were flashing, the songs loud.

Barbara sat at the bar, drinking the cocktail the bartender had mixed.

Although lan and the manager had left, she still lingered around Glitz out of habit.

A man sat next to her and said to the bartender, “A bottle of whisky.”

Barbara placed the glass to her lips and then squinted at the man next to her. “Hey, Mr. Boucher?”

When Francisco turned and noticed the person sitting next to him was Barbara, he was surprised. “It’s you.”

“Here to get drunk?” Barbara smiled and took a sip.

Francisco replied with annoyance, “So what if I am?”

He was having a bad day and was irritated. He was going to explode.

Barbara put her glass down. “I heard that Maizie is pregnant with your child.” Francisco blew up, ”

Ms. Chase, be careful what you say. What do you mean my child? That’s not mine. I didn’t sleep with her!”


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