The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 852

Chapter 852

The bartender stared at him curiously but didn’t dare speak. Barbara laughed. “I know. It’s probably not great to suddenly become a father.” The bartender placed the bottle on the bar, and Francisco immediately drank from the bottle, gulp after gulp. Even people who had high alcohol tolerance wouldn’t be able to handle drinking that much whisky.

Seeing that he was drinking too much, Barbara said, “Mr. Boucher, you should slow down with that. If you get picked up by some chick, it would be hard for me to explain to Maisie. This is her place.”

Francisco was already drunk, but he was surprised. “Whose place?’

She was hesitant. “Don’t you know that Maisie is the owner of Glitz?”

Francisco asked her, “Isn’t my cousin the owner?”

Barbara was rendered speechless.

Francisco suddenly laughed. “You didn’t know?” Barbara didn’t say anything. She had been under the impression that Maisie had taken over the club. Why did it suddenly belong to Helios?

After half an hour…

Francisco slumped over the bar, staring at the drink in his hands. “I told you, that child isn’t mine. I never touched her, but no one believes me. I don’t want to marry her.”

“Ms. Chase, is this gentleman your friend?” the bartender asked. “No,” Barbara paused, then said, “He’s your boss’ cousin.”

The bartender was shocked but didn’t press on. The club has gone through two owners now, so he couldn’t tell if that was true.

Francisco’s stomach suddenly lurched, so he sat up and looked at Barbara.

Barbara noticed that something was wrong, but Francisco threw up on her shoulder before she could react.

The bartender was shocked. “Ms. Chase!”

Barbara turned pale and turned her face away before gagging.

Francisco was carried upstairs, blackout drunk. The new manager informed Saydie, and since Saydie knew Barbara, she took

her upstairs to clean up.

Helios got news of that and immediately went to Glitz. He never entered through the front gate because he didn’t want anyone to find


He walked out of the elevator on the fifth floor and saw Gaydie. “That kid is drunk?” Even though Gaydie didn’t know Francisco, Barbara had told her that he was Helios’ cousin, so she nodded. The new manager, Mr. Ghelder, said, “Mr. Boucher is terribly drunk and even threw up all over Ms. Chase.”

“Ms. Chase?” Helios raised his brows. He could guess that it was Barbara.

Why would Barbara be drinking with this fellow? Barbara was taking a shower in another room. She hadn’t minded her own business and was covered in vomit. She didn’t plan to keep her clothes.

She suddenly remembered something. ‘Oh no! What am I going to wear!?’

She planned to call Maisie so she could send some clothes over, but she realized that her phone was outside. Barbara wrapped herself up in a towel and carefully poked her head out to look around.

No one was going to walk over, right? Probably not. Saydie wouldn’t let anyone go in since she knew that she was there.

She walked out of the shower and looked in her purse, but the door was opened at that moment. Helios, who r,a6 walked in with a bag, stood there, stunned.

Barbara was bent over as she was going through her bag, and since she had just gotten out of the shower, her body wasn’t fully dried yet, and her hair stuck to the curves on her back.


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