The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 853

Chapter 853

Barbara wasn’t a skinny woman but quite a voluptuous one, so the towel didn’t cover up much.

She noticed something, turned around, and stared straight into his eyes.

Barbara was so shocked she grabbed onto the loose towel that was about to slip. “Ah!”

Helios immediately turned around. T’m sorry! I didn’t know that you…” He gulped but was glad he had his back toward her.

It wasn’t that he had never seen female actresses in shower scenes during his filming career, and he had to interact with actresses when they were in their bikinis, but he never had unclean thoughts about them.

But this ‘incident’ made him feel something!

Barbara wrapped the towel around herself. Her face flushed, and she felt awkward. “Do you need help, Mr. Boucher?”

He didn’t turn around but instead handed the bag to her. “I apologize on behalf of Francisco. We only have uniforms here. This is new. You can wear it for now.”

Barbara walked over and took the bag. She was happy that she had something to wear. She was surprised to see Helios’ ears had turned red and smiled. “Thank you.”. He nodded and immediately left the room without looking back.

Barbara held the bag, and when she remembered how red his ears turned, she couldn’t help but laugh.

She thought that men wouldn’t be shy but didn’t expect him to be so shy.

It made sense since he had a clean private life and had a blank page when it came to his love life.

A man who didn’t even have a scandal was like a piece of blank paper. Even the media didn’t have the heart to contaminate him. She didn’t have the right to do that either.

Barbara put on the uniform. It didn’t fit her because it was one size too small and was tight around her chest.

She had to release the buttons to avoid breaking them.

When she walked out of the room, she was surprised to see Helios standing in the corridor.

Helios turned to look at her but immediately looked away before clearing his throat. “Let me send you back. It’s late and dangerous.”

Barbara nodded. “Thank you.”

Heliod left through the back door with Barbara, opened the car door for her, and only walked to the driver’s side after she was seated. The white car slowly drove away from Glitz.

They were both silent on the way back.

The neon lights shone into the dark cabin. Barbara turned to look at him and wanted to start a conversation. “Why did you take over Glitz?”

Helios kept his eyes on the road. “Nolan was worried that Maisie couldn’t handle it, so I took over.”

Barbara smiled. “I didn’t know that you were so close to Mr. Goldmann.”

He said, “You’re quite close to Maisie too.” Barbara paused, then looked down and smiled. “I thought that Maisie’s past was very similar to mine at first, but then I realized that she ‘s a lot stronger.”

“You are pretty different. You look strong but are actually fragile, and Maisie looks weak but is actually strong. She is a lot more decisive when it comes to dealing with issues too.”

Helios looked at her and smiled. “You let Katrina and the Salvadores off even after how they treated you and left it in the past. Maisie would give the people who hurt her a chance but would not be gentle toward them.”

Barbara pressed her lips together. After exposing Katrina and Eugene, she let Katrina go because she was softhearted.

She didn’t want anything to happen to Katrina, even when she was in the hands of lan’s men.


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