The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 854

Chapter 854

When the case was retried, she just wanted the Salvadores to be convinced of her innocence and didn’t care if they were going to retaliate.

Helios sent her home. She got out and walked into her apartment building without looking back.

After getting into her apartment building and walking into the elevator, she turned around. The car was still there. She felt warm, thinking that he wanted to see her safely home.

When the elevator got to her floor, she walked out and saw a woman standing in the hallway. It was Katrina, so Barbara was stunned.’ Why are you here?”

Katrina was leaning against the wall with heavy makeup and holding a lit cigarette.” Why can’t I come and see you?”

Barbara was quiet.

Katrina blew smoke out and looked at her.” I’m your half-sister. I just have worse luck because my father will never admit that I’m his. You forced me into this situation. Can’t you share my problems?”.

Barbara frowned. “I forced you?”

She smiled. “Why didn’t you think about this when you worked with Eric Salvador?

Katrina took a drag, looking tired. “I just wanted to ruin your reputation at that time.”

“Hah, you finally admit to it now.” Barbara walked to her door, keyed in her code, and heard Katrina speaking behind her. “It was because of lan.”

Her hand froze.

Katrina’s cigarette was half burnt, so she flicked the ash off. “You never expected me to be in love with lan, did you?”

Barbara was stunned and slowly turned to face Katrina, who was behind her. “What… are you saying?”

“lan was an undercover agent. He got close to us because he wanted to learn more about Tony Grant’s business through Eric, but I never expected us to fall for the same man.”

“How did you know…”

That she loved lan? She had never told anyone about that.

Katrina scoffed. “You forgot that I left school early and started playing around. I could tell from how you looked at him.” Katrina threw the cigarette butt and stomped on it. “I thought lan brought me around because he loved me, but he was just using me to cover his identity as an undercover agent.”

She stopped in front of Barbara and looked at her without expression. “He didn’t use you because you were too pure. You were a student and Ms. Chase, while I was the unknown b*stard.”

Barbara was so shocked she couldn’t say anything,

Katrina grabbed her collar and was emotional. “I even seduced the men that lan was investigating for him and fed him information. I fell into this because of him.

I didn’t know he was using me but had the purest of love for you instead!”

Barbara pushed her away and was angry too. “Was that my fault? You worked with Eric to destroy me because of that?”

Katrina yelled, “Yes, it’s all your fault!”

Katrina’s eyes were red when she stared at her. “He loved how innocent you were, so you would be just like me if I ruined that. So what if you were the legitimate Ms. Chase? You’d be just as dirty, and he wouldn’t look at you the same anymore.”

She burst out laughing after saying that.” But I didn’t expect him to disappear after that. I guess he couldn’t handle that because he didn’ t manage to save you. We both lost him, so it felt that justice was served.”


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