The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 855

Chapter 855

“I hated you, and I hated the Chases. I wanted to take revenge, with Eugene or Peter’s help, but why…”

Katrina grabbed onto Barbara’s arm and completely lost her mind, “Why was lan so cruel to me? I slept with him, did you know? But he just used me as a pawn. He opened up Glitz and still treated me cruelly because of you. He let his men assault me, but why weren’t you the one who was assaulted!?”

Barbara’s arm hurt because of her grip.

Suddenly, someone appeared and pushed Katrina awayShe lost her footing and fell to the floor.

Barbara looked at Helios, who suddenly appeared next to her. “You’re still here!?” Helios honestly answered, “I saw her from downstairs, so I came over to check.”

He was about to leave when he looked up and saw someone by the window, so he stayed. He didn’t know why.

Katrina stood up and started laughing.” Yelena, you’re quite good at this. You’ve managed to seduce Mr. Boucher.”

“Shut your mouth!” Barbara stared at her fiercely, “Not everyone thinks like you. You chose your own path. You said lan used you but didn’t you do that willingly because you loved him?”

Katrina fell silent.

Barbara didn’t give her a chance to speak.” Did he force you or coerce you? If he did, go talk to him. Why are you blaming me for all your misfortunes? Do you think I’m here for you to bully? Why do you think you deserve to blame anyone?

“Did I force you to make your choices, or did I force lan not to love you? Your mom knew that my dad was married but still stuck to him and gave birth to you without letting him know. That wasn’t your fault, it was my father’s, but you can’t blame anyone else for it, especially not me!”

Barbara was convincing and commanding.

Katrina had nothing to say and finally left without looking back.

Helios looked at Barbara, who looked down. Even if she didn’t say anything, he could see the disappointment in her expression.

After a long time, she finally said, “I want a drink.”

Helios went to get some better alcohol from the convenience store with her and sat down on the lawn.

She cracked open a can and handed it to him, then thought of something. “Oh, no way, you’re driving. You can’t drink.”

Helios watched her drink, then looked up at the sky full of stars. He didn’t seem to have seen a night sky like this before.

Barbara became really talkative once she started drinking, sometimes complaining, and she even started talking about her past.

When she got to the sad parts, she would start sobbing while hugging her legs. “I really don’t know how it turned into this.”

Helios held out his hand but paused midair, then patted her shoulder. “It’s all in the past now. You’ve had too much to drink. Let me walk you up.”

“That’s not too much.” Barbara looked up. A few strands of hair stuck to the corner of her eyes that were wet, but her eyes that weren’t focused betrayed her.

She put her face on her knees and cried while laughing. “Do I look like a villain?”

Helios looked away, his thoughts messy. “No, not at all.”

She smiled. “Did you know why I wanted to get to know you two years ago?”


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