The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 857

Chapter 857

Maisie did not know when it happened, but Nolan was all she had in her eyes by the time she realized it.

After Nolan finished preparing the breakfast, Maisie rested her chin on her palm and looked at her husband longingly,” Honey, seeing how much I cooperated with you last night and this morning, shouldn’t you say yes already?”

Nolan put the sunny side up on her plate and replied, “I’ll consider.” Maisie put her hands down and sat up straight. “What? Why do you still need to consider it?”

“Hmm?” He lifted his eyebrows and put a cup of warm milk on the table. “It depends on your performance for the next few days. If I’m happy, maybe I’ll say yes.”

In order to make it work, Maisie had no other choice but to gnash her teeth and nod.

Seeing Maisie’s sullen appearance, Nolan asked, “Are you not jealous to have your husband shoot an endorsement like that with another man?”

Jealous? Why should I? Both of you are… Well, this is different. You guys are like brothers, and I don’t see any problem for you to promote the brotherly love between you and Helios.”

‘They’re not in love with each other or whatsoever. It’s just two handsome men standing together to take a few pictures.’

Nolan narrowed his eyes as he felt a little upset when he found out that his wife was into the nonsense between him and Helios.

He just couldn’t understand it at all.

Maisie reached out to his hand and said whiningly, “Just one time, I promise.”

Nolan just couldn’t stand it whenever she was asking for something from him this way. He couldn’t bring himself to say no to her and did not want her to be sad. In the end, he put the cup down and said, “Alright, just this once.” Meanwhile, Barbara slept until morning. When she woke up, she reeked of alcohol, felt light-headed, and was thirsty.

After glancing around her surroundings, she jerked up from her bed.

1… I’m in a hotel?’

Then, the things that had happened last night slowly returned to her mind.

After Helios sent her back last night, she bumped into Katrina. Then, Helios showed up again, and they drank alcohol together.


“Can I kiss you?”

When the question Barbara had asked Helios surfaced in her head, she covered her cheeks in embarrassment.

Barbara hastily flipped the sheet open and got out of the bed. Then, she happened to see a note underneath a glass of water on the desk beside the bed.

She took the note up and read it.

[I don’t know the door’s password to your house, so I could only send you to a hotel. I know you will be thirsty when you wake up, so the glass of water is for you.)

Looking at the beautiful handwriting and the sweet message, she knew instantly that Helios had left the note.

Barbara lowered her head and thought, Does he treat everyone with such care as well?’

However, this was not what she should be worrying about. What she should be worrying about was the question she had asked Helios last night. How was she going to face him next time?

In the afternoon, at Soul…

“What? Mr. Goldmann has said yes?” Kennedy looked at Maisie in disbelief.

Maisie nodded. “Of course. There’s no way he would reject me.” Besides, Nina had also said that Helios was fine with it as long as Nolan said okay. Although it seemed like he was doing Nolan a big favor, Maisie did not care about it as long as he said yes. Maisie asked Kennedy to contact the people from the fashion magazine. Once they heard that Helios and Nolan were going to work on a

commercial together, they immediately sent someone over.

The people in Soul were all very excited when they heard that Helios and Nolan were going to work on a commercial together.

Both Helios and Nolan arrived at Soul at the same time.

Helios’ fans were all gathered outside Soul, and it took a lot of security to maintain order at the scene.

Helios got out of the car. He was wearing a long blue-grey trench coat with a white turtleneck shirt. It made him look more gentle and elegant.

He turned his head around to look at Nolan.

Nolan was wearing a black suit, and he looked sharp and cool.


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