The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 858

Chapter 858

Both of them had created quite a commotion on the Internet with the “ HeliosxNolan” when they were at Winston Island. Now that they had appeared in front of the public together, all of their fans were beyond excited.

Sticking his hand in the pocket, Helios said, “I thought you were going to say no.”

Nolan glanced at him and replied,” Honestly, I really wanted to.”

After that, he went into the lobby first.

Helios chuckled and followed after him.

There were so many fans gathered outside of Soul, causing the employees of the opposite and adjacent stores to come out and join in the fun.

“I heard that Soul Jewelry invited a movie star to shoot an endorsement. Isn’t that awesome?” “Not only a movie star. Have you forgotten about Mr. Goldmann? After all the owner of Soul Jewelry is Mr. Goldmann’s wife. I’m so jealous of them. It’s no wonder that their business is so good.”

Kennedy and the shooting crew were waiting for them in the lobby. When Maisie saw both of them appear at the same time, her eyes widened.

“What a coincidence! It seems like they can read each other’s minds!”

Nolan looked at Maisie and squinted his eyes dangerously. He knew what was going on in Maisie’s head with just a single look, and he swore to God that he was going to settle the account with her again after the shooting was over.

Maisie could sense Nolan’s intentions when he was looking at her. Her cheeks burned, and she thought to herself that she would be dead again tonight!

Both Nolan and Helios were very handsome. They did not even need to wear any makeup, and they just needed to put on the same outfit.

They then wore the same ring on their index and tail finger. They did not need to say any lines. They just needed to put up some poses. Maisie came out of the shooting studio, where both Nina and Quincy were waiting outside.

When Quincy saw her, he walked up to her and asked, “Mrs. Goldmann, why did you ask Mr. Goldmann to come here for the endorsement shooting?’ Quincy did not know that Nolan was here to shoot the endorsement with Helios. He would have laughed himself to death if he had known about it.

Maisie blinked and replied, “I’m doing this for the company. With both of them in the endorsement, I’m sure we’ll be able to earn a pot full of money from it.”

Quincy smiled. “Mrs. Goldmann, you’re behaving more and more like a businesswoman,”

After all, she was willing to ask her husband to become a model for her product in order to make money.

Maisie did not deny it. She laughed and replied, “Really? I think the same as well.”

Nina went closer to her and whispered,” Honestly, when Hels and Mr. Goldmann are standing together, they look like they could make a great couple.”

Nolan had never appeared in the same photo with Helios in the past. Even if they had some interactions on Facebook, when those tourists had published the photos they took at Winston Island, they instantly went viral to the point that some of the netizens even said they were the perfect match for coupling. Therefore, Maisie was confident that this magazine endorsement would definitely become a hit.

Maisie covered her mouth and chuckled.’ Right? We’re going to make a lot of money this time.”

“You’re right. Hold on a second. I have to publish some of the photos on Facebook too.” Nina took her phone out and captured a few photos of them.

Helios and Nolan took a few photos in front of the photography reflector. The photographer was amazed by the photos, and he was certain that this was probably the most “expensive” magazine cover he had ever done.

When Maisie was looking at Nina’s phone, she felt a shadow looming over her.

Both of them lifted their heads.

Nolan grabbed her shoulders and took her away, leaving Nina and Quincy to look at each other in confusion.

Helios came over and fastened the button with one hand. He looked in the direction where Nolan was taking Maisie and asked, Are you guys satisfied now?”

Nina let out an embarrassed smile while Quincy was dumbfounded. “Nolan… Ahb! Please walk slower… Honey!’ Maisie could hardly keep up with Nolan’s speed, and she was panting heavily.


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