The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 860

Chapter 860

Both of them had heard that Maizie had gotten pregnant, and Elder Master Boucher wanted Francisco to marry her. Maizie had begun going around bragging that she was going to become a member of the Bouchers. Not only had she moved back to live with the Hannigans, but the people who looked down on her last time began to gather around her, currying her favor.

Ryleigh clicked her tongue and said, “Just when I thought who it was. So it’s you. The woman who took advantage of her baby to get into a prestigious family.” Maizie did not react violently toward Ryleigh’s sarcastic remark like she used to do. Ever since she had been kicked out of the Hannigans, she had changed. She had become calmer and more collected. She caressed her still flat stomach and smiled: “Yeah, you’re right. Even if I took advantage of my baby, you can’t deny the fact that he’s the descendant of the Bouchers. Elder Master Boucher loves him very much. We’re going to become a family in the near future. Don’t you think you should address me as your cousin-in-law, Ms. Hill?”

Ryleigh rolled her eyes at Maizie and replied, “Hah. It’s still unknown whether the baby in your stomach is Francisco’s kid.”

Maizie’s face sank. “What do you mean by that? Even if you don’t like me, I won’t allow you to insult a descendant of the Bouchers like that. Besides, your aunt is one of the Bouchers. Don’t you think you shouldn’t disgrace her in front of the public?”


Just when Ryleigh was about to say something, Maisie stopped her. She looked at Maizie and said nonchalantly, “Well, congratulations then, Ms. Hannigans. Ryleigh has a big mouth. I hope you can forgive her.”

Maizie looked at her back and sneered.” You should be glad that I could come out safely, right, Mrs. Goldmann. Or else, my kid wouldn’t have been able to go back to his own family,”

She was saying that Maisie had sent her to the police station through a recording pen. Maisie replied indifferently, “It’s a good thing you’ve learned your lesson and decided to turn a new leaf. I hope you can stay this way.”

Maizie’s face turned grim, and she said

through gritted teeth, “I’ll never forget about this lesson.”

After that, she turned around and left.

Ryleigh flew into a rage as she watched Maizie walk away. “This woman is behaving like an *ss before she even becomes one of the Bouchers. I can’t imagine what she will turn into after she really becomes Francisco’s wife.” Maisie took a sip from the glass of water and did not say anything. She was not interested in knowing who was the father of the baby in Maizie’s stomach. She did not care who she was going to marry either. As long as she did not do anything overboard, she would not do anything to her. After the jewelry endorsement of Nolan and Helios became the magazine’s cover, the magazine was sold out within half a day. At the same time, Soul successfully surpassed La Perla in terms of attention and sales volume, approaching Taylor Jewelry and becoming the third largest jewelry company,

The impact brought about by Helios and Nolan was big. Many famous celebrities in the entertainment industry began approaching Soul in an attempt to strike a deal with them.

Some of the biggest fashion events had started renting jewelry from Soul to first-tier actresses for events, large dinners, and so on.

Throughout the entire week, other than working and signing contracts, Maisie also worked on preparing a birthday surprise for Nolan.

She did not say anything about it to Nolan, and she only discussed it with Ryleigh, Barbara, and Louis.

At Blackgold…

Nolan couldn’t even focus on the document. After all, Maisie had been ignoring him for nearly a week. He pinched at his nose and asked Quincy, “What has Maisie been doing recently?”

Quincy was stunned for a moment before replying, “Mrs. Goldmann has had a pretty tight schedule in the past week. I heard that she’s going here and there, signing contracts with some of the major brands. The sales volume of Soul is getting better and better.

Nolan frowned. He suddenly regretted letting Maisie operate a jewelry company. When she became busy, she completely forgot about him.

Looking at the gloomy expression on Nolan’s face, Quincy had a strange feeling that Nolan was like an abandoned large dog waiting for his female owner.


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