The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 861

Chapter 861

Nolan received a call from his father, asking him to bring Maisie back to the family estate for a meal on his birthday, and he nonchalantly agreed.

After ending the call his expression dimmed a little. ‘I haven’t celebrated any of my birthdays throughout all those years. Maisie did ask me about it the other day, but she’s been busy recently, so she’s probably forgotten about it.’

In the evening, Maisie went to pick up the kids from school early after getting off work.

Daisie and Colton got into the car and asked immediately, “Mommy, is Daddy’s birthday just around the corner?”

Maisie was astounded. “How did you know?”

Daisie giggled. “Grandpa is the one who told us about it.”

Maisie took a glance at the rearview mirror and could not help but laugh. “Yeah, your daddy’s birthday is coming up soon. Have you thought about any gift that you want to give your daddy?”

Daisie sank deep in thought. Colton spread his hands. “Sigh, Daddy doesn’t seem to be lacking anything.” Daisie turned to look at him and frowned.” Colton, even if Daddy doesn’t lack anything, we must still show him our sincerity.” Listening to the debate between the two children that was coming from the back seat, Maisie chuckled helplessly.

Daisie suddenly asked, “Mommy, can I invite my friends to Daddy’s birthday celebration?”

Maisie smiled. “Of course.”

Colton crossed his arms, acting like a tiny adult. “You want to invite Nollace Knowles too, don’t you?”

‘Nollace Knowles?

Maisie thought for a while.

‘Could that be Mr. Tristan Knowles’s greatnephew?’

“Nollace is a good person. Why don’t you like him?” Daisie wondered. She had always had a good impression of those classmates who treated her well in class.

Colton turned his head away. “I think he’s a hypocritical person.”

She leaned over to Colton’s side and winked. “Colton, you don’t like him because he’s smarter than you and dethroned you from your first place in class, am I right?”

Colton refuted, “No, I don’t.” Daisie responded, “Yes, you do!”

Maisie was out of words.

At the Blue Bay villa…

Nolan saw that Maisie had brought the two rugrats here. It was a rare occasion for his wife to get off work early, but she was being occupied by the two kids again, and he was very upset about that.

Daisie and Colton ate happily right next to Maisie. Maisie fetched them all the dishes, and when she noticed Nolan’s jealous and gloomy expression, she chuckled and placed a piece of meat on his plate. “Hubby, be good and eat your meal.” Nolan glared at her. “I thought you had forgotten about me.” His tone sounded sour, aggrieved, and a little annoyed.

Hilarity overflowed out of the corners of Maisie’s eyes. “Alright, I admit that I’ve been too busy recently. I promise that I’ll make it up in a few more days. So be good.”

Daisie and Colton looked at Nolan contemptuously. “Ewww! Daddy is already an adult, but he still needs Mommy to coax him.”

Nolan could not refute that.

I really want to throw these two rascals out.

Maisie accompanied Daisie and Colton while they completed their homework in their room, and the laughter that came from the three of

them penetrated through the air and traveled to the study located next to the room from time to time.

Nolan held a cup of coffee to his lips and did not take a single sip from it for a long time. Compared to the liveliness coming from next door, he felt rather deserted and lonely.

It was not until 10:00 p m. that Maisie tucked the two rugrats to bed before returning to the master bedroom.

As soon as she opened the door, she saw Nolan standing silently outside, on the balcony. A ray of moonlight was cast on him, reflecting off the outline of his silhouette. He had not changed his clothes, and his solemn, black suit blended really well into the gloomy night.

Maisie walked over and hugged him from behind. The warmth that came from behind him caused him to tremble slightly, and he turned his head to the side. “Have the kids gone to bed?” “Yeah.” She pressed her cheek against his back and chuckled. “Are you waiting for me?’


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