The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 863

Chapter 863

Maisie stepped onto the cruise ship, and the backdrop and the decoration of the venue for the birthday banquet had already been set up on the wide and spacious deck of the cruise ship. It was decorated with colorful lights and looked extremely romantic. It was said to be a venue for a birthday celebration, but it looked more like a venue set up for a marriage proposal.

She was dumbfounded. “You guys…”

Ryleigh moved closer to her and pointed her finger all around the place. “Look, we’ve arranged everything for you. The birthday celebration will be held together with the marriage proposal. You can enjoy the night view that the Bass Wave Coast has to offer and propose under such a magnificent night sky. Tsk, tsk tsk, isn’t it extremely romantic?”

Maisie was stunned for a few seconds, then laughed out loud and looked at the two of them. “Who came up with this idea?” “Of course it’s me.” Louis rolled up his sleeves as he walked out from behind the backdrop with Tanner. Maisie had met Tanner three years ago, but her impression of him was not very clear. She just thought that he looked familiar.

She laughed. “Wow, there’s more to you than meets the eyes, Louis. You’re actually a romantic guy.”

She glanced at Ryleigh as she said that.

Ryleigh looked confused.

‘She could just say that without staring at me. Why is she doing that?’ Louis patted Tanner, who was standing next to him. “You have Mr. Hannigan to thank for as he helped too.”

“You’re the one who came up with this plan. I, at most, helped to design the place according to your requirements.” Tanner had a close relationship with Louis and Helios, so he was just doing his bit and trying to contribute.

Maisie looked at them. “Anyway, thank you very much. Come on, I’ll treat you guys to a big meal.”

Ryleigh’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Nice. Where are we going to eat?”

Louis had come to her side at some point. “Is food the only thing that you think about all the time?” “Eating and pooping are parts of human nature. You tell me, who in the world doesn’t need to eat?” Ryleigh refuted, and Louis’ expression changed immediately. Barbara heard the debate from the side and burst into laughter. “Eating and pooping should be discussed separately. Otherwise, others would think that you’re interested in eating crap.” Ryleigh was rendered speechless.

Louis raised his arm and placed his elbow on top of Ryleigh’s head. The height difference between the two of them made their interaction look really adorable. “It’s okay. Ryleigh has never been a bright woman.”

Ryleigh smacked his elbow off her head.” Get your hand off me!”

Maisie cleared her throat slightly, then turned to Barbara and said, “Let’s make a reservation at the restaurant first.” Barbara did not want to be a third-wheeler, so she nodded and left with Maisie. It was only natural for Tanner not to want to be left behind and be the only third-wheeler, so he patted Louis on the shoulder. “I’D go back first.”

“Hey! Are you people just going to leave me here?” Ryleigh watched as they all went away and glared at Louis furiously as if she was a wife who her husband had just wronged. “Will you die if you stop poking me for a second?” Louis leaned over to her side and gave off a pregnant smirk. “Poke is a word with multiple meanings, or to be precise, two. So which poke are you referring to?” Ryleigh was a slow learner when it came to picking up emotions, but she was not a retard. Not to mention that she was one of those ladies who were not afraid of telling connotative jokes back when she was still a college student.

She did not expect Louis to be so full of surprises! |

“You… You, you’re out of your mind!” She pushed him away with disgust, turned around, and ran away.

Louis rubbed his chin and laughed.

‘She actually understood.’

At this time, in the Boucher manor… Because Maizie had already gotten pregnant, the two families had arranged a meetup to plan for their wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Hannigan were delighted. Their daughter getting married into an honorable family would only bring their

family that was currently facing loads of crises plentiful benefits.

Maizie sat next to her parents and behaved very well in front of Elder Master Boucher.

On the other hand, Eugene and Francisco had different expressions on, especially Francisco. He had not put on a semigleeful expression ever since the Hannigans set foot in the manor.


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