The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 866

Chapter 866

Maisie booked a seafood restaurant and was the first to arrive with Barbara, then Louis and Ryleigh got there much later.

Maisie looked out the door. “Where’s Tanner?”

Ryleigh pulled up the chair next to Maisie and was smiling sweetly. “He went to get some drinks. I invited my cousin too, and they’ll be coming together.”

“What? Helios is coming too?” Barbara said loudly, and the three others turned to look at her.

Maisie didn’t say anything.

Ryleigh, on the other hand, was curious.” Yes, is there a problem?”

No…” Barbara’s face was tense, and she looked uncomfortable.

Ryleigh stared at her and seemed to understand something. “Barbara, did something happen between you and my cousin?” Maisie took a sip of water and thought about something while Louis, sitting next to Ryleigh, flipped through the menu. “Your cousin saved Ms. Chase. What else could have happened?”

“That’s true.” Ryleigh suddenly got excited.” That reminds me, I didn’t know that my cousin could be that manly.”

Maisie burst out laughing, “He was quite manly when we were at Winston Island too.”

Ryleigh got close to her and blinked. “You got him and Mr. Goldmann to become spokespeople for your jewelry brand.

That’s a smart use of resources. Did Mr. Goldmann get angry?”

Maisie gnashed her teeth. “He’s quite happy about it.” So happy she almost couldn’t get out of bed.

At that moment, Tanner and Helios appeared outside of the room together. Tanner was holding two bottles of Remy Martin in his hands, which cost around $ 6,000.


Helios had shades and a cap on. He didn’t have his assistant with him and was in casual clothes.

“Sorry for keeping you waiting.” Tanner placed the bottles on the table and took a seat next to Louis. Helios sat in the empty seat next to Barbara.

Ryleigh waved her hand. “Don’t worry, we just got here too.”

Helios took off his shades and cap. “Why are we suddenly having dinner?”

Louis smiled. “Isn’t it Mr. Goldmann’s birthday soon? We came to decorate the party venue, and my cousin is buying.”

Maisie put down the glass of water. “Just order anything, don’t be shy.”

Ryleigh nudged her with her shoulder. “Ms. Vanderbilt is being very generous!”

The server came to take the orders, and after that, Tanner popped the Remy Martins and poured it into the decanter while asking, “Who doesn’t want a drink?”

“Barbara, are you drinking?” Ryleigh asked Barbara who was sitting next to her.

Helios looked at her and saw her looking back, and at that moment, they both looked away.

Barbara said, “I… don’t want too much.”

Maisie squinted. She felt that something was going on between Barbara and Helios.

After the food came, everyone started eating and had a fun conversation. Unexpectedly, Barbara, who was usually talkative, was exceptionally quiet that day. Helios was too.

Ryleigh took over the conversation. She rolled her eyes, then clapped her hands together. “Let’s have a game of truth or dare

“Are you setting the rules?” Tanner asked.

Ryleigh stood up. “Let’s spin the lazy Susan, and the person which the chosen dish pointed to will have to pick either truth or dare!”

Louis crossed his arms, looked at her, and raised his brows. “Alright, no one will get to wiggle their way out of this.”


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