The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 867

Chapter 867

“Do I look like someone who would try to get out of this?” Ryleigh pointed at herself and challenged him, “I’m the best when it comes to games!”

Louis laughed.

Maisie cleared her throat. “Alright, let’s start then. Barbara, Helios, are you alright with this?” she asked them intentionally.

Helios smiled. “I’m fine with anything.”

Seeing that Barbara couldn’t decide, Ryleigh shook her arm. “Barbara, join us, be part of it!”

Barbara didn’t want to refuse, so she agreed.

Ryleigh spun the lazy Susan, and the designated dish was the lobster. The lobster stopped in front of Tanner, who was surprised, “I choose truth.”

Ryleigh immediately asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Louis spat out his cognac and choked. Everyone there had an awkward expression, and even Tanner was surprised, “We’re going all out?”

Ryleigh put her hands on her waist. “That makes it fun. You chose truth.”

He gnashed his teeth, “No.”

They chose another designated dish and turned the turntable. The disk slowly stopped in front of Barbara.

Barbara’s grip on the wine glass tightened. She gnashed her teeth and said, “I choose dare.”

Tanner thought for a moment, and since she was a girl who he wasn’t close with, he didn’t want to make it too bad. “Finish one entire glass.”

Helios frowned but saw Barbara pick up her glass and drink all the alcohol.

Barbara turned the turntable, and Louis was next. He chose truth, and she asked, What do you love about Ryleigh?”

“Hey…” Ryleigh looked at Barbara. Her face started to turn pink while everyone else had their eyes on Louis.

Louis looked straight at Ryleigh. “I guess she’s a little silly.”

Ryleigh exploded, “You’re the silly one!”

After a few rounds, the turntable pointed back at Tanner, and the latter looked at Louis. “I choose dare, but don’t go overboard.”

“No way, we’re best buds.” Louis gave a knowing smile, “Text a female friend and tell her that you want to sleep with her.”

Tanner took a sharp breath. “Are you really my friend?”

Other than Helios, everyone was drunk and agreed, “Send it! Send it!”

Tanner could only blame his own luck, so he took out his phone and sent a message while Louis looked on.

Louis teased him, “You picked your fiancee?”

Maisie and Ryleigh were both shocked.

Tanner’s fiancee was the daughter of the La Perla Group, Pearl Santiago.

Tanner looked up and said in a serious tone, “She’s my fiancee, so I wouldn’t be ashamed. I’ll explain to her later.”

He put his phone back into his pocket.

The game became saucier-they were either exposing secrets or dealing out crazier dares. Barbara drank a few glasses of wine. She seemed sad, and her face felt warm. Ryleigh and Maisie were both pretty drunk too.

The only one who had gotten lucky was Helios.

“My turn!” Ryleigh spun the turntable, and it finally landed on Helios. She froze and looked at him, confused. “Helios?”

Heliod put down his wine glass and looked helpless. “Dare.”

Ryleigh laughed. “I’ll choose… the person next to you. Give her an intimate kiss!”

The other three suddenly got interested.

Barbara, who was quite drunk, suddenly noticed that something was off. She then tugged on Ryleigh’s hand. “You’re framing me. The person next to him is me!”


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