The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 868

Chapter 868

Ryleigh pointed to Tanner, “Well, then…

Helios and Tan?”

Tanner shuddered and raised his hand to object. “No, I don’t kiss men!”

Ryleigh and Barbara looked at each other and seemed to have imagined something, then laughed out loud.

Helios finally chose truth. Ryleigh lay on the table and asked, “I’ve always wanted to ask, do you have a crush on someone?” Barbara rubbed her nose bridge, and when she heard Ryleigh’s question, she froze, and her ears perked up.

Maisie picked up the wine glass and smiled. “I want to know too.”

Tanner and Louis chimed in, “We all want to know.” –

Heliod looked down. “Not for now.”

The three got quiet.

Barbara sat there quietly, not sure if she was drunk or sober, and didn’t know what to think.

Maisie looked at both of them and didn’t make a sound.

Seeing that Ryleigh was still not done, Louis cleared his throat. “We’re almost out of alcohol. Let’s stop here.”

She objected. “No, I haven’t had enough yet. We can still continue.”

Loui walked behind her and held her by the shoulders, “We’re done eating and have had enough to drink. It’s time to stop.”

Maisie got up. “I’ll send Ryleigh home.

She looked at Helios and said, “Helios, Barbara and Tan would be your responsibility.”

Helios was surprised but didn’t say anything.

Tanner felt his gut lurch and waved his hand. “I have a driver. There’s no need for Hels to drive me.”

Maisie nodded. “Alright then.”

They all left the room.

Louis helped the drunk Ryleigh into the car. He and Helios hadn’t drunk a lot.

Helios stopped his car at the restaurant’s side door and parked in front of Maisie.

Barbara rolled down the window of the passenger’s side while rubbing her forehead. “Maisie, why did I drink so much?”

Maisie looked at Helios. “It’s alright. Helios will send you home.”

Helios looked at her. “Drive safe.”

Maisie nodded and waved goodbye.

At the same moment, Nolan sent a message to her.

In the car…

Barbara leaned back in her seat and was very drunk. “That night… I drank too much too. I didn’t do anything, did I?”

Helios paused for a bit before he continued keeping his eyes on the road. “No.”

“Oh…” She tried hard to remember and seemed to remember that something had happened, but her mind was a blur, and she couldn’t remember anything.

Do you always act that way when you’re drunk?” Helios asked.

She paused. “What way?”

Helios didn’t speak.

She turned to look at him. Perhaps every drunk person would see things through weird filtered lenses. “Why… aren’t you married?”

Helios didn’t look away. “I haven’t found the one.”

“What’s your type?” Barbara smiled while she said, “I can introduce someone to you.”

Helios chuckled. “You’re turning into a matchmaker when you’re drunk.”

Barbara patted her chest. “If it doesn’t work out, I’ll introduce myself to you, hahaha.”

Helios rolled his eyes and spoke again after a long pause. “You really have had too much to drink.”

It was quiet for a moment.

Helios thought of something and asked,”

What’s the key code to your home?”

They couldn’t stay out again because she had gotten drunk like the previous time. Barbara leaned back on the seat and closed her eyes. “Fingerprints work too.”.


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