The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 869

Chapter 869

Helios nodded.

When they got to her apartment, Barbara was asleep. He took a deep breath, parked his car, walked to the passenger side, and carried her out,

When they got to her door, he unlocked it with her fingerprint. Her home was clean and spacious. There wasn’t a lot of extra furniture or things.

He carried her into the room, which had a white theme. It looked spotless. There were plushies in front of the window, and the book racks were filled with comic books and figurines, limited editions, special editions, covering the shelves. Even the posters on the walls were comic book characters..

If he didn’t see this with his own eyes, he wouldn’t believe that she had this side of her.

Helios laid her down on the bed, and once she touched the bed, she slept more soundly.

He wanted to pull his hands out, but Barbara turned and trapped his hands under her body.

Helios was surprised. His arms were stuck, and he could only stand leaning down.

Barbara’s face was facing him, and when she breathed, her warm breath that smelled like alcohol blew in his face.

Helios slowly moved his arms. She was very much asleep and had no sense of defense at all.

He felt helpless. Did she trust him too much, or was she not defensive with everyone else too?

Helios tucked her in and left her room not long after. He left her home but was caught by a woman who was hiding in the corner with her phone camera.

Katrina zoomed in and realized that it was Helios.

“Hah, I caught him leaving Yelena’s home. Are they actually dating?

‘How is Yelena so lucky? I am not going to allow that!

Maisie smelled like alcohol when Nolan carried her into their home. She had her arms around Nolan’s shoulders while she sweetly smiled. “My husband is the best.’

“Sure.” Nolan laid her down on the bed and looked at this drunken woman who seemed sober but was drunk. “What’s great about me?”

She didn’t want to let go. “Are you still upset?”

Nolan chuckled. “I’m not.”

She mumbled with a sad look, “You didn’t let me touch you last night. You’re a bad man.”

Nolan sat at the edge of the bed. She lay down, her long hair sprawled over the pillow. Her eyes were smiling and a little seductive.

He tidied her hair, lowered his head to kiss her, and laughed. “You’ve been cold to me for so long, but I can’t retaliate?”

“I admit that I did that intentionally,” Maisie beamed, “But it was because…

Hmm, I don’t want to tell you.”

She was drunk, but not enough to divulge secrets.

Nolan pinched her cheek. “You’re quite tight-lipped. What are you hiding?”

She turned around and put her face on his leg as she felt tired. “It’s something that I need to hide from you. It would have been a waste of effort if I told you.”

Nolan stared at her, pushing the hair on her face behind her ear.

He could have guessed.

After a few days, there was news about Helios ‘secretly dating a girl’, and once the news broke, everyone was shocked.

Helios had never had a scandal about dating since his debut, and he had been caught going to the woman’s place this time.

Helios’ fans were pretty logical, and since their idol was old enough, it was normal for him to be in a relationship. They were famous for asking him to get married.

But a group of people suddenly came out of nowhere and tried to sell the story that Helios and Nolan were supposed to be a’fake couple’ but were now involved with a woman. They claimed that he was lying to the fans.


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