The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 871

Chapter 871

The few girls at the front looked at each other and asked, “Helios is your cousin? Why don’t you tell us he’s your brother instead?”

Ryleigh lifted her chin and replied, “I’m not Helios’ cousin? Feel free to go to the Bouchers and find it out yourself.”

After that, she stood in front of the entrance and pointed at them. ‘I warn you. I’ve already called the police, and they’re on their way here now. If you guys don’t want to be charged for disturbing the peace and be sent to jail, then get the hell out of here now!”

“Who the hell do you think you are to chase us away? Get that b*tch out of here right now!” Those few girls went forward and began pushing Ryleigh.

“Who are you calling a b*tch, you bunch of b*tches!?” Ryleigh flew into a rage and began fighting them.

However, there was no way Ryleigh could fight against a group of people. Suddenly, someone kicked her, and she lost her balance. She fell on the steps behind her and hit her waist. Her face turned pale instantly, and she nearly passed out from the pain.

‘What are you guys doing!?”

Barbara was worried about Ryleigh, so she came out to see if there was anything she could do. However, she saw Ryleigh fall on the steps the moment she appeared.


She pushed through the crowd and helped Ryleigh to her feet. “Are you alright?” Ryleigh’s face was pale and cold beads of sweat were trickling down her forehead. It took her quite a while to come around from the pain and reply, “Not so good…”

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Barbara turned around and pointed at the group of girls. “If anything happens to her, none of you are getting away. Not only

e you guys making a fuss here, but you’re hurting an innocent person? Is this your quality? Aren’t you guys going to make a scene? Aren’t you guys going to stand up for your idol? Very well, then. I should post you all on the Internet and see if you guys can bear the responsibility or not.”

With that, she took her phone out and began taking pictures of the people. A woman took a step forward and tried to snatch her phone away.

Barbara pushed her away. “Why? You’re afraid to be exposed by me for what you’ve done? You’re scared now?”

“I dare you to take pictures of us!” the woman threatened.

Barbara scoffed coldly and replied, “Why not? I’ll make sure that all of you will look good in the photos.” The woman’s expression changed, and she shouted, “Get her phone! Quickly!”

The group of girls rushed forward. Some of them tried to get Barbara’s phone out of her hands, but Barbara protected her phone at all costs and wrestled with them.


A voice rang out

Maisie arrived at the scene with a few police officers and stopped the farce.

The police officers all had serious expressions etched on their faces. They pulled the girls away and said, “You girls really have a lot of guts to cause a commotion and get into a fight.”

The leading police officer glanced at them and ordered, “Take them all away.”

A police officer came up to Maisie. “Both of your friends have to come with us as well.

We need to take a statement from them.”

Maisie nodded.

After Barbara and Ryleigh gave their statements, the police officers brought the group of girls away.

Maisie walked up to them, who looked battered, and asked, “Are you two all right?”

“I’m fine,” Barbara replied as she shook her head. She turned her head around and

looked at Ryleigh. “But Ryleigh is injured.”

Maisie reached out to Ryleigh and asked,

Where did you hurt yourself?”

Ryleigh just kept her head low and refused to say anything. Maisie did not see any wounds on her other than a few bruises on her arm.

However, Ryleigh’s face was pale. She glanced at Maisie, looking as if she wanted to say something.

“Ryleigh, you have to tell us where you hurt yourself,” Maisie asked again.

Ryleigh bit her lips and looked like she was about to cry. “…. I want to go to the hospital.”

Barbara and Maisie exchanged a glance.

When the three of them came to the hospital, Ryleigh suddenly said that she wanted to go to the gynecology department Both Barbara and Maisie were stunned for a moment. Looking at the embarrassed expression on her face,

Barbara asked, “Ryleigh, are you pregnant?”


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