The Three Little Guardian Angels Chapter 872

Chapter 872

Ryleigh was stumped. She was so anxious that she was on the verge of crying. “Of course, I’m not…”

Maisie seemed to have understood something. She frowned and chimed in, Alright. Let’s go to see the doctor now.”

While Ryleigh was getting herself checked n the gynecology department, Maisie and Barbara waited outside. After a short while, Ryleigh came out of the room with the nurse.

Her eyes were red around the rims, and it seemed like she had cried.

Maisie opened her mouth and asked,” Ryleigh, you…”

She kept her head low and did not say


Barbara sat in front of the nurse and asked, “May we know what’s going on with our friend?”

The nurse looked at her and replied, “She’s fine. Her hymen is ruptured due to external force and bleeds a little.”

Barbara was stunned. It took her quite a while before she came around to her senses and asked, “Can something like that happen as well?”

The nurse answered matter-of-factly, “The toughness of the hymen varies from individual to individual. Some will break when they’re having s*x for the first time, but others might break theirs when they’re subjected to external forces such as horseback riding or bicycle riding.”

Ryleigh stood at the side, her mouth pouty and her face red with sadness. She felt embarrassed at what had happened to her.

After the trio left the gynecology department, Ryleigh put her head on Maisie’s shoulder and asked, “Zee, do you think ! should…”

Barbara patted her shoulder and chimed in, “I suggest you not to. There are too many risks. Besides, this is an accident. It isn’t that…”

“Barbara is right.” Maisie turned around to look at her. “We’re now in the modern era.

Nobody would care about something like that.”

Ryleigh was stunned. Then, she lowered her head and mumbled, “I… I thought all of the men care a lot about this…”

Barbara said, standing with her arms across her chest, “I don’t think Mr. Lucas would mind. You can just be honest with him and tell him the truth.” “Don’t…” Ryleigh said, her face turning red with embarrassment. “Nobody would believe it. Besides, it ‘s so embarrassing. I’d rather not tell anyone about it.”

The news of Helios’ “fans” getting detained by the police for causing trouble was posted on the internet, and his true fans were infuriated.

These fake fans had stirred a social media storm It was also found out that they always acted as fake fans for celebrities and went around spreading fake rumors about them.

When Helios saw the news, his face sank. He sent Nina to the media outlets to find out who was the one that had exposed his photo

As expected, after Nina returned, she said,” Nels, the reporters told me that the photo was given to them by someone, but she isn’t a paparazzo. They also said that it was a woman who called them, and she told them that she has a lot of scandals about you on her hands.”

“Woman?” Helios frowned. Nobody had been following him when he sent Barbara back that day, but someone had taken a photo of him when he came out.

The photo had been taken downstairs, and those troublemakers were able to locate Barbara’s house.

Therefore, he suspected it was someone very familiar with Barbara

Could it be Katrina?

“Is there a call record?’ ‘Yes.” Nina had asked the reporters about the phone number. Helios took a look at it and said, “Go find out whose number this belongs to.”

Nina nodded. “Okay.”

In the afternoon, Barbara returned to her apartment. When she came out of the elevator, he saw a man wearing brown glasses standing in the corridor waiting for her.

Even though he tried to cover himself up, Barbara was still able to recognize him through his body figure. “Mr. Boucher?”

Helios turned around and looked at her. The sunlight from the westbound sun reflected on his glasses and cast a warm

glow on his off-white casual suit with a warm glow through the window, making him look even more gentle and elegant.

“Are you all right?”

“I’m fine.” Barbara stood in front of him and smiled. “Are you here to see if I’m okay, Mr. Boucher?”


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